Thrive this Holiday Season

by Elizabeth Campbell, MS, LPC
The holidays are a great way to celebrate gratitude and spirituality and to connect with loved ones. They are also a time that can be emotionally difficult and stressful. There are many things that contribute to the difficulty of this season and also many ways to support yourself and thrive this holiday season.
The winter season is a time to slow down and turn inward. The holidays in our culture ask us to do the opposite. People tend to overbook themselves, stay up late, and engage in unhealthy habits. We can decrease our stress during this holiday season by maintaining a schedule that honors what our body and emotions need. It is also important to maintain healthy habits and practices that maintain grounding.
Because the holiday season is a time when we focus on friends and family, this time can be difficult for individuals that are isolated, in conflictual relationships, or have experienced a loss.  Feelings of isolation can be exacerbated by the push to constantly connect during this season.  There are times when silence and time alone are beneficial to an individual. This can also exacerbate depression or grief. It is up to the individual to determine what best serves them during this time of year. 

Generally, a balance is ideal. This can be difficult if those we are “supposed” to connect with this time of year can be difficult to be around. 

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Elizabeth Campbell is a licensed professional counselor providing an empowerment and strength-based approach to support individuals in personal growth and change. She specializes in play therapy with children, family therapy, creative counseling for adolescents, and trauma-informed treatment. She utilizes an integrative, mindful approach to address the whole individual and promote healing and wellness.  

For more information or to schedule a session, please call Elizabeth at 610-757-8163 or email at

A Meditation for the Holidays

by Elizabeth Campbell, MS, LPC

Setting an intention for what you want this holiday season and expanding it through meditation can help you to stay grounded in what you are seeking. Begin by finding a comfortable seat and either close your eyes or relax your gaze on something that is not moving.

Take a deep breath in for a count of three and out for a count of three.  Repeat that for another deep breath in for three and out for three. Begin to notice what comes up for you as what you want to cultivate this holiday season. Maybe it is peace, joy, or abundance. Notice where in your body this intention resides.

And begin to imagine that it has physical characteristics. Maybe it is a certain color, shape, or texture. Watch the intention expand as you connect with it throughout your entire body. And as you continue to connect with it, it expands past your body and grows and grows. Feel its strength and power.

And know that this intention is grounded within you no matter what external stress the holidays bring. Stay present with this for as long as you desire, then slowly blink your eyes back open or back into focus.

Connect with this meditation daily through the holiday season.

Fill Up this Winter with Positive Change: Lessons from the Practice of QiGong

By Karen Steinbrecher

As the ground hardens and the air chills, we are drawn to go ‘inside.’ In Taoist traditions, winter is the season when you are called to explore what lives below the surface, to pay attention to the internal workings of your intuition. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is the time to focus upon the Kidneys, Yin, and the Bladder, Yang, as well as the adrenals. This is a crucial time to nourish, warm and fuel your physical, mental and spiritual energy. These winter practices have a cumulative effect upon your physical health, mental clarity, and innovative spirit. 

Infuse yourself with positive change by practicing and dancing Qigong! 

Qigong is an invaluable tool to unite and align your thoughts, heart and physical body.
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Join Karen Steinbrecher at the Resiliency Center each Thursday for Qi Gong classes at 2:00 pm and 6:15 pm.
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Featured Programs on Emotions

Removing the Holiday “Shoulds” (A CEM Workshop)

Monday, 11/23, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Do you have certain traditions and activities that you feel you must do around the holidays?  Do you find yourself spending more time with your to do list than enjoying your time with family and friends?   Join Brittiney George as we examine creative ways to stay connected with ourselves and others while engaged in holiday activities.

Connection, Expression and Movement (CEM)

A monthly workshop series focusing on body-mind integration. Each month the discussion and activities center on a specific theme such as stress management, emotions, and finding balance in your life. No experience or previous trainings required.

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LGBTQ Teen Therapy Group

Sundays, 5 – 6 pm, Begins 11/8

A weekly therapy group for teens of the LGBTQ community, ages 14-18. Group sessions will focus on helping teens explore their self-identity, promote and foster emotional resiliency, provide education on issues related to sexuality, and strengthen their support system.

» For more information or to schedule and initial evaluation please contact Stacey Vinci at 267-989-9113 or

Holiday Open Mic

Mark Your Calendar!

Sunday, 12/13, 6:30-9:00 pm

Celebrate your Authentic Spirit this Holiday Season as we gather to sing, knit, recite poems, dance, drum or any other form of self-expression your heart wants to make! Part talent show, part show and tell, we will gather to celebrate our Light in the Darkness: Expressing our Resiliency in the Season.
» Please RSVP via our Meetup page
Have a gift to share but need support to build your confidence? Let us support you as you develop your courage and practice sharing your authentic expression. Join us for a 4-week group leading up to the Open Mic where we will explore the ways in which your heart wants to express itself.
» For information, contact Jen Perry at 215-292-5056 or
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Beginner’s Mindfulness and Self-Compassion class

Most of us believe that being kind to others is important. However, most of us treat ourselves with a degree of disdain and harshness with which we would never dream of treating someone else. In this class we will practice techniques designed to cultivate true acceptance, compassion and friendliness towards ourselves.

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