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Calcium and Magnesium For Health Prevention
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Recent discoveries have shown calcium plays an integral role in regulating adiposity (fat deposition), insulin resistance, and hypertension. All of these are risk factors for coronary vascular disease (heart disease). 
On average, Americans consume only 600 mg of calcium daily despite recommendations by the National Academy of Sciences for adolescents to consume 1300 mg/d, adults under age 50 consume 1,000 mg/d, while adults over 50  consume 1,200 mg (1). The best source of calcium is whole food, and best calcium supplement is calcium citrate, as it is most easily absorbed. Vitamin D levels have a dramatic impact on calcium absorption.
Low magnesium intake has been associated with adverse cardiovascular events, including atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension and even sudden cardiac death. There has also been an association noted with diabetes.  
Severe magnesium deficiencies are reportedly rare, however certain medical conditions, such as electrolytes imbalances, malabsorption, pancreatitis, postsurgical stress, vitamin D-resistant rickets, diabetes, and parathyroid gland disorders and the use of diuretics are associated with more acute depletions (2).

Here's a list of magnesium rich foods:
All Bran: 2/3 cup has 191 mg
Almonds: 1 oz has 100 mg
Broccoli, cooked: 1 cup has 94 mg
Lentils, cooked: 1 cup has 71 mg
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The Resiliency Center currently has both full-time and part-time office space available for healthcare or healing arts professionals interested in joining our community.  

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If you are a healthcare or healing arts practitioner seeking to begin a private practice or create greater prosperity in your current business, this program is designed for you.

Identify your passion in the work you do and, using this as your foundation, learn strategies for articulating your basic message, speaking with confidence and clarity, building successful referral relationships, and marketing your practice through the combination of strategies you’ll find personally meaningful and energizing.

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A Clearing 
by Dean Solon

clear the mind. 
clear your mind.
the way(s) you have been trained to think;  the way(s) you have been taught to organize---to compartmentalize---your thoughts;  the way(s) you have learned to view the environment inside and outside yourself, the ecology, the earth-plane where you are living and breathing, are moving and being moved;  how does it relate with what is?  how is it connecting you with what is?
is your perceiving of what is have anything, have much of anything, to do with what, really and truly, is?
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