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Tai Chi or QiGong:
WHICH Should I Study?
As a practitioner of QiGong for over 14 years and as a practitioner and teacher here at the Resiliency Center, I must admit that I resonate to the practice of QiGong.  I love QiGong; it is my way of life.  Yet I would like to explain some differences between QiGong and Tai Chi.   Some people prefer Yoga; some prefer Pilates; some prefer Tai Chi, and I prefer QiGong. It is all GOOD.
Tai Chi is a Chinese art designed to protect oneself from unarmed and armed attacks and illnesses.  It is both a martial art and a method for preventing and treating illnesses.   The movements are choreographed to be practiced in a specific order.  You may find more information about its history and concepts through Google and also in the article  “Are You Really Learning Tai Chi and is it Effective for Stress?” by Martin Eisen in the Yang Sheng Journal.  
QiGong, pronounced  ‘Chee Kung’ is not as well-known as Tai Chi and is frequently given as an auxiliary exercise before or after doing Tai Chi. In Chinese,  “Gong” means work or hard task.  “Qi” can be translated as life energy.  When you practice the dance of QiGong, you learn to control the flow of Qi through your body by using breath, movement and meditation. Medical Qigong asserts that health is the result of smooth, unblocked, not stagnate Qi circulation.  When Qi does not flow smoothly, it may be stagnant or blocked, and that can cause a problem or a deficiency in any part of the body. Disease can be a result of poor Qi circulation.  Once the flow of Qi is balanced, the body tends to heal itself.

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The Poetry of Rumi: Reading and Discussion
Wednesday, 5/30, 7:00 pm
Do you love the poetry of Rumi? Are you looking for inspiration? Seeking wisdom? Curious about our interconnection and about connection with Spirit?

Join Resiliency Center Director Elizabeth Venart for this discussion on Rumi. She will share a few of her favorite pieces and invite you to lend your inspirations and insights. Please also feel free to bring your own favorite Rumi poem (with copies to share).

Opportunity for Practitioners
The Resiliency Center currently has  part-time office space available for healthcare or healing arts professionals interested in joining our community.  

Acupuncturists, career counselors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other practitioners of integrative wellness approaches encouraged to inquire. To learn more and/or to schedule a meeting to see the space and talk with practitioners in person, contact Elizabeth Venart at 215-542-5004 or

The Call
- by Dean Solon

this is the one thing, this is the only thing that does not exclude all else that matters in your life.
this is the one thing, this is the only thing, this includes all else that matters in your life.
why is this-in-your-life frightening for you?
because this---THIS---is the one thing, the only thing, the real and true thing, in your life.
because when You are Called---when you hear the Call---you must answer the Call, or you will die to what is real and true, to what is utterly genuine, to what is utterly authentic, in this life.
the most important thing, the most vital thing, the One thing that matters, is being connected.
even if you lived in a culture, in a world, that accepted, that supported, that encouraged, that respected and honored this to be so---that what is most important is to feel, is to be, connected, and that hearing the Call is a gift of gifts, an honor of all honors---it would still be a difficult path, would still be challenging...could still be frightening to you.
because when something is everything, all is included.
because when something is everything, you must be and are
all in.  

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