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The Resiliency Center: A Healing Arts Collaborative in Ambler, PA
A Mindful Moment ~ Wishing you a peaceful and resilient New Year
By Jen Fusco Perry, MSEd, MA

Practicing mindfulness and acceptance naturally promotes peace and resilience. Mindfulness is the exercise of paying attention, on purpose, to our present moment experience with an attitude of openness, curiosity, and friendliness. A moment of mindfulness gives our systems a break from the constant critical evaluation of situations and the resulting actions of either clamoring to secure a desirable situation or clamoring to change or get out of an undesirable one. It is the practice, for a moment, of accepting and acknowledging just what is going on in a small slice of life in simple, direct terms.

In a mindful moment, we deliberately direct our awareness to our immediate sensory experience. Just what is here, now. As you read this, invoke mindfulness for just a moment. Notice, without judging or evaluating, the sensory information coming in through your eyes … ears … nose … skin … mouth … and your inner ear, your thoughts … and your inner physical sensations … and your emotional temperature. Take care to just notice, and see if you can suspend the urge of the mind to categorize these experiences as good, bad, or indifferent. It is the very break from this human pursuit of evaluation and planning and striving that makes mindfulness such a powerful stress reliever.  In the moment, we sit just with life as it is. Thus refreshed, we can then be more skillful in meeting the demands of the day and sculpting our lives with the raw materials we are given.

Life is perpetually moving, and most of us have many ups and downs in a year, even in a day. The practice of mindfulness can aid in riding these tides with resilience and in bearing changes with gracefulness. I love an old story of a King who challenged his subjects with the following riddle: Who or what can make me happy when I am sad and sad when I am happy? A wise subject presented the King with a ring that had engraved on it … This too shall pass. A mindful moment helps us appreciate the fullness of the human experience. A mindful moment is pure experience, immersed in openness and warmth, removed from the see-saw of efforts to keep a happy moment or get rid of a sad moment.  For the King and all of us, the practice of mindfulness can help us experience a full range of emotions and life experiences fully and gracefully.  

Jen Fusco Perry, M.S.Ed, M.A., is a psychotherapist utilizing Mindfulness and Acceptance-based strategies to creatively and collaboratively counsel teens and adults.
Jen collaboratively and creatively customizes solution-focused treatments with each of her clients, integrating mindfulness techniques with current practices in psychological science. Balancing the concepts of acceptance and loving-kindness for self and others with the desire for personal growth and change, Jen builds on her clients’ strengths and teaches them creative problem-solving skills, empowering them to find authentic self-expression in the world. To learn more about her practice or to schedule an appointment, call her at  215-200-9832 or email her at


> Learn more about these programs and more on The Resiliency Center's events page and online calendar

Family and Community Rhythm and Drumming Workshops
Saturday 1/30, 10 – 11:30 am, Offered monthly.
$15 for ages 12 and older, and $8 for ages 4-11.
Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fun for all ages and a great way to experience a creative interaction with family and community! This group focuses on play between children and adults to encourage musical exploration and communication. No prior musical skill or training is necessary. We’ll play different rhythm games and explore different sounds and rhythms created by the group. These experiences are designed to make the benefits of music available to anyone, regardless of musical ability or disabling condition. Drums and percussion instruments will be provided, or participants are welcome to bring their own instruments.

This group is facilitated by Erin Bullard, a board-certified music therapist, with a Master’s degree from Temple University in music therapy and a certification in Neurologic Music Therapy. Register by contacting Erin Bullard at or 215-680-1872.

Release & Renew in the New Year FREE Workshop
Saturday, 1/23, 1:30 pm – 3 pm

Breathe More, Alive More, Loving More
Sunday, 1/17, 1 pm – 3 pm
The Body Speaks Its Mind
Saturday, 1/16, 10 am – 11 am (repeats monthly)

The Path To Your New Job Workshop Series
Goal Setting – Tues. 1/5 at 10 am & Wed. 1/6 at 6 pm     
Resumes - Tues. 1/12 at 10 am & Wed. 1/13 at 6 pm
Cover Letters - Tues. 1/19 at 10 am & Wed. 1/20 at 6 pm
Networking - Tues. 1/26 at 10 am & Wed. 1/27 at 6 pm

MAN TALK – Weekly on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
Fathers and Sons - January 6
Relationships - January 13
Careers - January 20
Sports Talk - January 27

Energy Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person
Saturday, 1/9, 9:30 am – 10:45 am

Highly Sensitive Persons Group
Saturday, 1/9, 11 am – 12:30 pm  > More information

Monthly Drumming Circle
Friday, 1/22, 7:30 pm – 9 pm (repeats monthly)

Morning Meditation
Free on Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Evening Meditation
Free on Thursdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Qi Gong Classes
Thursdays at 2 pm & Fridays at 12 pm (2nd & 4th)

> Learn more about these programs and more on The Resiliency Center's events page and online calendar
The Embodied Healer
1/19- 3/9, Tuesdays 10:30am-12pm

This 8-week series is for therapists, body-workers, and others who serve in a healing profession. Through experiential explorations and group support, you will learn the importance of fully rooting yourself in your body and intuition in order to be more present with your clients and prevent burn out. This intimate group will enable you to share your unique experience while receiving support from a compassionate community.

Led by Jodi Schwartz-Levy, PhD who is one of distinguished group of psychologists worldwide that has a doctorate in the pioneering field of somatic (body-oriented) psychology. For more information contact: or 215-370-7878.

Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma
6 Tuesday Evenings, 1/26 – 3/2, 7 – 8:30 pm

Do you want to try something new to address your depression, anxiety, or trauma symptoms? Have you always wanted to try Yoga, or would you like to resume your practice? Taught by a Registered Yoga Teacher and Clinical Social Worker Nancy Ignatin, the class will address some of your feelings and symptoms with Yoga poses and breathing exercises designed to help you feel better. Before- and after- scales will be completed so you can track your progress.

Instructor Nancy Ignatin, RYT, QCSW, LCSW, combines 20 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and 5 years as a Registered Yoga Teacher within these workshops - described as practical, reassuring, and laced with a sense of humor. Her clients find her compassionate, nonjudgmental, and knowledgeable.

The cost of the series, payable in advance, will be $70. If you’d like to “Try Before You Buy,” we will hold a free trial session on Tuesday Evening, January 5th from 7:30-8:30 PM. Please check with your MD, psychiatrist, and therapist first, and call Nancy Ignatin, 215-661-1181 for details.

Healing Angels of the Energy Field Workshop
Saturday 1/9, 12:30 – 4 pm

Make the Healing Angels a part of your journey in 2010! Learn to access support from the 9 Integrated Energy Therapy®  Healing Angels, and their specific healing gifts, to release blocks on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey. You will learn to use the IET technique of Heartlinking to the Angels. Allow the Angels to  become a part of your daily life, assisting you with creating anew, as you release the past.

This is an introductory workshop that will support you in ongoing healing work with the Angels. Workbook and certificate included. Cost is $55. To register, contact instructor Mary Katherine Frizzell, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, at 267-968-6442 or

Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level Class
Sunday, 1/24, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

IET classes offer powerful self-healing and energy therapy certification training. IET®   healing accesses the violet angelic ray and the assistance of the 9 IET Angels to clear cellular memory of blocked emotions from past experiences that are still being held in the physical body and energy field around the body. With IET, we Integrate the pain of the past, into the Power of the present, to bring about Joy in the future.

This first level class will teach students the IET trigger points that correspond to the emotional memory areas of the body. Students will learn to clear these areas, removing physical and emotional cellular memory, and fill the spaces with a positive empowerment imprint. Students will learn to Heartlink to the Angels to access healing energy. This is an excellent class for someone new to energy healing who seeks to heal themselves and/or others, as well as for practitioners who wish to expand their healing repertoire.

Cost is $160 for the day, and CEUs are offered for licensed Massage Therapists. To register, contact Mary Katherine Frizzell, Master-Instructor, at 267-968-6442 or

> Learn more about these programs and more on The Resiliency Center's events page and online calendar

Psychological Therapy Research
Research showing psychological therapy to be 32 times more cost effective at making you happy than simply obtaining more money. A review of the study is available at this link to Psychology Today.

Announcement: Office Space Available
Part-time office space is currently available at the center for trauma-informed healing arts practitioners interested in becoming part of our community. Specialties sought include acupuncture, holistic psychiatry, chiropractic, and infant massage. Please contact Elizabeth at or 215-542-5004 to learn more.
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