Celebrate the Joys of Summer with Qigong

By Karen Steinbrecher

Now is a time of Light, Joy, Elation and Happiness.  Find the magic within as you practice and dance QiGong. This is a time to fully express the new ideas and goals, the seeds we planted at the start of the year. Summer is the season of the heart according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This is the season to step into your joy.

An important teaching of Chinese medicine is that there is a seamless continuum between the body and the environment around us.  In Five Phase Theory we have entered the cycle of summer, the time, cycle, greatest Yang, and this season is also called ‘Fire.’ All cycles are manifestations of the movement of Yin and Yang, and the seasons are no different. The time of Yin in autumn and winter is a time of resting while both spring and summer are Yang seasons. Yang represents growth, expansion and outward movement. Spring begins this movement of growth, and summer takes over to allow growth to expand to its fullest. During summer we stay healthy trying to mimic this Fire/Yang movement of nature, yet we want to be mindful, to not overdo things. Both too little and too much divert us from harmony. Thus with Qigong practice we work to balance the Yin and Yang. 

Fire stands for heat and the color red. In the body Fire is the Heart, representing a Yang organ and the Small Intestine represents the Yin organs. Stepping into your joy means that it is okay to take a moment away from your busy schedule. Remind yourself that no matter what is going on, it is always possible to feel peace in your heart.  It is good to nourish your being, your spirit, to be kind to yourself.

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Featured Workshops and Groups


Your Body as Your GPS

A Rest, Restore, & Explore Workshop Series #2

4 Wednesdays, 7/9-7/30, 7-8:30 pm
$60.00 for the series (4 classes) or $20 per class

Get to know the difference when you know where YOU are! 

If you missed the first series, this is great opportunity to give yourself a gift of reconnection and healing this summer!

Join me, Brittiney George, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, on a journey of discovery as we listen to your body’s responses and help you rest, restore, and mindfully connect to your authentic self and your needs! Each class will explore new movements and their relationship with different parts of the body to help you mindfully connect to your authentic self:
  • July 9-Heart:  Letting Your Heart Speak
  • July 16-Gut:  Listening to Your Gut
  • July 23-Head:  What’s on Your Mind
  • July 30-Breath:  What do You want to Take In…What do You want to Let Out?
Registration Required.  Class size is limited. You can sign up for a single class, or save by registering for the whole series! 

Register online, contact Brittiney George at 610-389-7866, or email movebackintolife@gmail.com.
Brittiney George, BS, CRS, CEIM, is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist who specializes in working with women who are highly sensitive and women who have been sidelined by chronic pain or reoccurring injuries.  Brittiney helps her clients move past feelings of isolation and disconnection by helping them find ways to be empowered by their bodies and find their own unique voice.


Divorced Woman’s Group

Cost: $80 for 4 weeks; Day and time to be determined.

This 4-week workshop helps women cope with the challenges and life changes following separation and divorce. Program includes interactive group discussion along with information and a variety of techniques to release stuck emotions. The intention will be to achieve a sense of peace and closure, so that the participants will feel more ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Group is forming now, so please contact Delia Nessim, Marriage and Family Therapist and group leader, at 610-416-7535 or delianessim@gmail.com with your interest and availability. 


Group Tapping Session

Wednesday, 7/23, 7-8 pm, Cost: $10

Join Delia Nessim, MFT, as she shares EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a powerful energy tool to release stress and emotions that get trapped in the body. Each participant will get an opportunity to work on a topic of their choosing (pain relief, resentment, anger, etc.).  The rest of the group can borrow benefits by tapping along. 

RSVP by calling 610-416-7535, emailing Delia at delianessim@gmail.com or registering online at http://www.meetup.com/resiliencygatherings


Dr. Georgia Tetlow is relocating her practice in July order to partner with established nurse practitioner, Ann McCloud Sneath, and to accommodate the growth of Philadelphia Integrative Medicine. We wish her every success.

From Georgia and Erin:

“Please come visit us in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Our new location offers an expansion of services through our partnership with Ann, and we'll continue with the same office hours and very personal standard of care.  We continue to maintain a strong mutually supportive relationship with the Resiliency Center and are grateful for our connection.  We will continue to collaborate with all center practitioners!”

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Upcoming Events & Programs

Free Qigong in Ambler Borough Park

Sunday 7/13, 2-3 pm
The park is located at the intersection of Hendricks St. & ValleyBrook Rd.

Infant Massage Classes

Next Series begins 7/8 
Tuesdays, 10-11:30 am

» Classes run consecutive Tuesdays, 7/8-8/12.  » Registration required. To register or for more details contact Brittiney George at 610-389-7866 or movebackintolife @gmail.com

Clinical Supervision Group

3rd Wednesday, 4-7 pm

If you are a therapist seeking licensure, this group provides information, resources, case presentation and discussion, and opportunities for meaningful connection with peers. Special focus on trauma-informed case conceptualization.

» Led by Licensed Professional Counselor Elizabeth Venart who is also available for individual consultation.
» Learn more at www.elizabethvenart.com or by calling 215-542-5004. 


EMDR Consultation Group

Two groups monthly: Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.

For therapists who have completed the EMDR Basic Training and are interested in pursuing EMDR Certification and/or in deepening their knowledge and understanding of EMDR in practice. Includes case review and discussing challenging issues.  

» Led by EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified EMDR Therapist Elizabeth Venart who also provides individual EMDR Consultation.
» Learn more at www.elizabethvenart.com or by calling 215-542-5004.


Philadelphia Writer’s Workshop

Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
Sit in on a Tuesday-night workshop for FREE (by appointment).  
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Rumi and Hafiz:
Reading and Discussion

Wed. 7/16, 7:30-9:30 pm

Do you love the poetry of Sufi Poets and Philosophers Rumi and Hafiz? Are you looking for inspiration? Seeking wisdom? Join Elizabeth Venart for this free evening of sharing. 
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Laughter Yoga

Mondays, 10 am 
» RSVP Required


Morning Meditation

Mondays, 8:30-9:30 am
No class 7/28


Evening Meditation

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30 pm
No class 7/24


Qi Gong Classes 

Thursdays, 2 and 6:15 pm


Knitting Circle

Saturday, 7/5, 10-11:30am
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Quotes of the Month

Within me is Infinite Power, before me is Endless Possibility; around me is Boundless Opportunity…. Why should I fear?
– Anonymous

The only way to have is to give; the only way to keep is to share.
– George Booth 

Gratitude Corner

And Trivia!

Cotton Candy – a fun and tasty treat served on a paper cone; reminiscent of carnivals, boardwalks and summertime. 

William J Morrison (1860–1926) invented the machine that produced cotton candy (originally called Fairy Floss).  It was first introduced to the public at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, selling for .25, equivalent to $9.00 in today’s economy. Besides being an inventor, William was also a lawyer, an author, a civic leader and a dentist. 

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