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In Patrick's Opinion



Food and Agriculture


“The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government."

Milton Friedman


Dear <<First Name>>,

I apologise that this dialogue has been rather blank for some time. I will endeavour, once the current wave of exchange transaction calls is over, to resume a more normal service - presuming I can find a definition of normality which meets with my approval.

At that juncture I will revert to an entirely one-sided process of talking at you (albeit perhaps via multiple media). Naturally for the sake of form, we will all be obliged to refer to my monologues as "a merger of equals."

Meanwhile, I must delve back to pressing matters related to India, to Schumpeter, and discuss multiple deals, notwithstanding progressively outlining a chilling vision or three. However, this missive will concentrate on just one item: a bounteous television show being broadcast today upon which I was delighted to be a loquacious guest.

Peter Lavelle does a marvellous job presenting Cross Talk and I applaud Russia Today TV for being a splendid alternative channel amongst the throng of rolling news channels in the world today. It was my pleasure to join the show from a studio in Warsaw.

Lest you don't have acces to the channel on your cable package, here is a link from the Russia Today web site while some advanced browsers may even have an embedded link below.

As usual it's been a pleasure talking at you...both in this media and via the 'tube.'

With best wishes,


Patrick L Young


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'The Gathering Storm"

- As I know some of you have not yet bought a copy or five, TFF is still keenly raising money for charity and supporting "The Gathering Storm" a unique book about markets as analysed by a selection of the minds who foresaw the credit crunch...

The Gathering Storm - Can You Afford Not to Buy It?

Current Projects

Every time somebody says "merger of equals" I see dollar signs.

Oh and maybe I'll get around to writing something about all of that soon...just to clarify a few erroneous concepts being regularly bandied about in the media, if nothing else.

Stay tuned for some interesting developments.

Travel Plans

Mostly to the east, next month it's a lot further to the east when I am off to speak in Seoul...

About This Newsletter

Patrick L Young is the author of several financial market books such as "Capital Market Revolution!" and "The

The original Capital Market Revolution cover

Exchange Manifesto" His Op Eds have been published in most of the world's leading financial media such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal while he has appeared frequently on BBC, CNBC, CNN, Russia Today TV and other digital media throughout the world.

My expertise is, (in no particular order!) exchanges, derivatives, market infrastructure and financial centres, as well as emerging markets (parrticularly "New Europe").

I can claim modest provenance as an early adopter on the web, having published various online magazines along with other WWW ventures since 1995.

Nowadays I enjoy a varied portfolio of advisory work (most notably for investors in exchanges) but along the way I have done just about everything from multiple financial start-ups through to advising government and other stakeholders in financial centres the world over. I also indulge in some  entrepreneurial projects too. After more than 20 years in finance some folk might think I am due a spot of remission for good behaviour. I think it is clear from this bulletin, my passion for markets remains as keen as ever!

For more information, try my web site:


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