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Weekly Review 11

Dear <<First Name>>,

I managed to spend part of this week’s travel in Brussels and it was, well, a tale of two cities in essence, even two entities within an entity in fact. On the one hand, I visited the EuroParliament and, as with other meetings, found a coterie of folk going about the business of trying to improve a single European market so everybody can prosper. So far so good. On the other hand, the mood in a lot of places varied between shifty, testy and downright terrified. A coffee in the EuroParl, or elsewhere invariably seemed to involve being surrounded by little huddles of people uttering stage whispers to the effect of “but what if it does lead to a break up...?” No, I doubt they were discussing tabloid gossip either, although in a world full of banal celebrities I suppose one ought to concede a tiny benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, the Euroquake festers on and therefore the benefits of the single market itself are at risk due to the ongoing lack of leadership - I said something to this effect on RT News live from Brussels in fact. Also, I gave a second interview to the CBC News Network of Canada at the weekend...hopefully a video of the first interview will be online this week at least.


Alas travel didn’t broaden my repositary of quotations but instead of boring you with all my recent conference/tv and other meeting discussions of late, I thought I might as well offer you a few of my recent remarks:

“Given the profits to be made insider dealing in Congress perhaps it is not so surprising that Goldman alumni are so keen to entertain a second career in politics or  public service?”

- Patrick L Young

“Latest scientific research again suggests neutrinos may move faster than the speed of light perhaps even faster than Eurozone debt expands in a leadership vacuum.”

- Patrick L Young

“German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble has hinted Britain will join the Euro before long. To achieve this, I would offer a helpful hint: Gain air power first and remember to build landing craft Wolfie.”

- Patrick L Young

“Congress clearly now defines itself as investment of the people from the people against the people.”

- Patrick L Young

“Congratulations to Spain in bucking the trend & democratically electing a new government before the EU faxed in a technocrat.”

- Patrick L Young

“I’m off to Brussels this week. I expect it will remind me of Speer's  Berlin circa 1938/1939 - amazing shiny new buildings for a whole new vision yet storm clouds are on the horizon...”

- Patrick L Young

“To dilute your credit standing or not by joining lesser rated sovereigns in a Eurobond? Well the problem with putting lipstick on PIIGs is, it is still a PIIG...”

- Patrick L Young

- I’ll revert to third party quotations next week when there is a bit more time to dig some out!

A little Worthwhile Reading:

a> Le Figaro on the end of Keynesian economics? Yes you read that headline right, these _are_ amazing times:

b> Daniel Hannan MEP provides a sensible defence of capitalism against the crazy crusty attacks of recent weeks:

C> My assistant Slawek spotted this. As _the_ Irishman who doesn’t play golf, I am probably not fit to judge but it is interesting to note the bit about comparative remuneration...

d> An interesting tale of bull market hubris: “How a financial pro lost his house aka how to get caught up in a raging bull market:”

e> For those of you with the desire to have the tech for every nook and cranny etc, here is the shortlist:

Property Market Statistics of the Week

Good evidence why government should never be entrusted with cash:

Irish government bought land plot in 2009 for 1.8 million, value today: no more than 40,000...

Video of the Week

As previously discussed, the sad demise of Kip, formerly a friend to many on this list, has descended into a debt-laden farce but alas he failed to make it to the winning spot in Polish Dancing with the Stars at the weekend, despite the plastic surgery to remake him as a Mongolian comedian.

Tant pis, had he but won the Mercedes at least some of his creditors might have got some respite!

Until next week...


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He is a former exchange CEO and serial director of various financial markets businesses. Nowadays he is a keen investor and advocate for emerging markets, particularly the New Europe, as well as advising investors in financial markets infrastructure world-wide.

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