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A Weekly Miscellany


Dear <<First Name>>,

With a remarkable amount happening during a week when the northern hemisphere is usually priding itself on heading beachward ho, I noticed a series of articles that were both intriguing and I thought deserved a wider audience.
For those on the beach, you may have missed the fact that the conjuring troupe the Mediocre
have spurred a lot of comment on their, daft, insular, regressive proposal for a Tobin tax aka a death wish on the European markets.
The Adam Smith Institute discuss the topic here:
Chart of the Week
Meanwhile, the ‘winners and losers amongst nations from recession so far are as follows, neatly encapsulated by The Economist::
...Although I harbour an inclination that chart is scheduled to move somewhat dynamically in the near future!
Meanwhile, for those who think the trouble was just amongst those jostling for trainers and tvs (interestingly book shop looting was apparently non-existent in the UK’s recent plebian pillage- fest), Peter Oborne hits the nail on the head about Britain’s giddy decline towards the third world (unless it can be stopped):
Finally, a splendid piece for all us road warriors on a Foreign Minister’s digital travel bag:
This week asides from the  miserable Merkozy’s masterminding the death of the Euro through sheer pig-headed ignorance, I was also bemoaning the collapse of the UK.
IPO Feedback
Overall feedback was utterly unanimous on one issue: the Euro is toast unless somebody can actually demonstrate an element of leadership and indeed a dose of realism too. On the
other hand, some dissenting voices were heard for dear old blighty, essentially along the lines of ‘recent events have handed the advantage back to those who want a civilised society and nota politically correct crippled state of mediocrity...we’re about to take comand and rebuild a better Britain!’ 
Well all I can say is I sincerely hope this is the case, although I am not confident.
Media Snippet
Just in case you missed it at the time, I was on RT News applauding the logical stance of the Czech and Polish governments in giving the Euro a wide berth for now...
New Web Site
Elsewhere The Frontier Financier web site is up and running with a load of postings from not just this newsletter but also many other online analyses and so forth, you can have a look here: frontier financier.
Next Week
From totalitarianism in Australian digital media to the Euro and just why Schumpeter can be your friend just as much as ‘the trend’ this promises to be a busy week - stay tuned, it is as
always a pleasure talking at you.
Meanwhile enjoy the links above and let me know what else you fancy reading in the near future and we’ll keep an eye out for good reading related to finance, as well as my own missives of course!
Best wishes,

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It’s summer so I am at home in Monaco but thanks to a lack of political leadership in Europe, there have been ample opportunities to speak with the media. For my most recent videos from RT News channel, have a look on my newly revamped web site:
Various projects are in the works currently with more news to come!

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About This Newsletter

Patrick L Young is the author of several financial market books such as "Capital Market Revolution!" and

"The Exchange Manifesto" His Op Eds have been published in most of the world's leading financial media such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal while he has appeared frequently on BBC,CNBC, CNN and other digital media throughout the world.

My expertise is, (in no particular order!) exchanges, derivatives, market infrastructure and financial centres, as well as emerging markets. I can claim modest provenance as an early adopter on the web, having published various online magazines along with other WWW ventures since 1995. Nowadays I enjoy a varied portfolio of advisory work (most notably for investors in exchanges) but along the way I have done just about everything from multiple financial start-ups through to advising government and other stakeholders in financial centres the world over. I also indulge in some  entrepreneurial projects too. After more than 20 years in finance some folk might think I am due a spot of remission for good behaviour. I think it is clear from this bulletin, my passion for markets remains as keen as ever!


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