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Weekly Review 8

Dear <<First Name>>,

If I apologise for the inconvenience it may sound as if I am trying to become an apologist for the Eurozone but then again the eagle-eyed will have noted I skipped on publishing any missive for a week or so due to a fairly extensive travel schedule.

For those who missed the Liquidnet EMEA forum, it remains a phenomenal event while other venues of note included an appearance at the Zagreb SE’s conference on the Adriatic Coast in Rovinj where I was fortunate to stay in the magnificent new Lone Hotel.

Meanwhile in the outside world, insularity reigned supreme in Brussels where - joy! - once again the opera chorus sang arias devoted to the world being saved and so forth while skimping on actually doing anything that is tangibly going to solve the problem long-term. The day of reckoning has been pushed back again but that is against the background of a big dies irae to come when most national electorates get to express an opinion on their governments’ handling of the situation. Sooner or later perhaps markets will realise they have been conned once again.

Interesting Quotations:

“London is the centre of financial services in Europe. It's under constant attack through Brussels directives. It's an area of concern. It's a key national interest that we need to defend.”

- British PM David Cameron, in danger of looking like a leader?

"Twitter is like having a little part of you that's always down the pub"

- Tom Stafford

(if you fancy joining me in said digitlal hostelry... I tweet at frontierfinance

"Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

- Steve Jobs

Leaders Ahoy!

“Politicians are in charge of the modern economy in much the same way as a sailor is in charge of a small boat in a storm.”

- Paul Seabright

Is this the ultimate in leverage?

“Nine out of every 10 atoms in the universe are hydrogen; the other 10 percent are helium. The rest of the universe is a rounding error.”

- Sam Kean

Growth Agenda Anyone?

“Thirty linear steps take you to 30. Thirty exponential steps take you to a billion.”

- RayKurzweil

Some Light Reading:

a> Charles Crawford on EU (and other) diplomacy in the face of crumbling EU solidarity:

- Mr Crawford’s insights are brilliant imho. Indeed, he will be keynoting at a new event I am putting together next year. More details to follow soon...

b> When I started in the City of London in the 1980’s it was a prize for anybody who could find a way to go short London’s then overheating property market (plus ca change?). Now, it’s how to extract the Euro as painlessly as possible from people’s pockets:

c> Meanwhile, as a passionate enthusiast for our nanotech future, here is an intriguing article about diamonds:

d> George Dyson: “Information is cheap, meaning is expensive.”

Sadly Deluded Humourous Tale of the Week:

No cartoons, no funny videos, just a cheery tale of how Italy deals with austerity read it and enjoy a binary laugh/weep response:

Until next week, may all your haircuts be truly voluntary etc.


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Patrick L Young is the author of several financial market books such as "Capital Market Revolution!" and "The Exchange Manifesto" His Op Eds have been published in most of the world's leading financial media such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal while he has appeared frequently on BBC,CNBC, CNN, RT and other digital media throughout the world.

He is a former exchange CEO and serial director of various financial markets businesses. Nowadays he is a keen investor and advocate for emerging markets, particularly the New Europe, as well as advising investors in financial markets infrastructure world-wide.


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