Since 2010, more than 200 young adults and teenagers have joined Yahel for what they’ve called a meaningful, life-changing, empowering, and honest experience.

We are beaming with gratitude that we have been fortunate enough, with your much-appreciated support, to bring this many people to Israel so far.

And now we’re more ready than ever to double our impact in 2014 by bringing another 200 young adults to Israel.


How do we measure our impact?
We do so by seeing, hearing and experiencing the social change happening within our partner communities throughout Israel. Social change, as we view it through our work, looks like improved grades in school for the children we tutor, a community garden rejuvenated by volunteers and cared for by local residents or a group of Ethiopian-Israeli seniors learning English for the first time.

The impact that is immeasurable, however, is the connection and relationship that our program participants build with Israel, with social justice and with their host communities across the country.

We are asking you to help us achieve our mission of bringing more young adults to Israel for their meaningful experience. Our partner communities in Israel are extremely grateful, and they too are ready for more.

Please CLICK HERE to continue your commitment to our cause and help us reach our goal of raising $15,000 before the end of the year. We’re on our way…

With constant gratitude,

Dana Talmi,
Founder and Director, Yahel - Israel Service Learning

Here's How You Can Help 

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2. Spread the Word
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3. Help Us Recruit! 
Applications are open for the 2014-2015 Yahel Social Change Program! Know an outstanding 21-27 year old? Send them our way or tell them to check our website.

Thank you for your support and partnership. Together we can empower young people and communities around the world!
Hear it from our participants

“This program was absolutely life-changing for me. It challenged me to think in a lot of different ways and expanded my perspectives on Israel and a lot of issues. I am walking away with the skills to advocate for Israel more realistically, with the ability to see and accept its imperfections, and with the desire to come back to this country and fix these issues. I want to be able to share this experience with others and to work toward having a more peaceful, just world.” - Jessica, Insight Program in Be'er Sheva, Summer 2013

"This program has really given me the opportunity to create that confidence where I feel like I can do things that are scary, that are hard, that are difficult but that need to be done." - Savyonne, Yahel Social Change Program '12-'13

Jordana Gilman, one of the participants on this past summer's Repair the World Onward Israel program in Be'er Sheva is still blogging about the power of her experience volunteering in a shelter for women and children. Read more here

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