“You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it ( Avot 2:21).” 

This wonderful quote from the Mishna seems to be ringing truer today more than ever. As events around the world are continuing to be tumultuous, we must seek the ways in which we can repair the world.

I am constantly inspired by our Yahelnikim and alumni who simply care. From the child in the classroom who is so challenging but needs their help to a college campus that is torn in argument and debate – they are not giving up. They are figuring out how to do their work in the best way possible and they continue to care.

I hope you will enjoy getting a glimpse what is happening at Yahel!

Dana Talmi
Founder and Executive Director, Yahel - Israel Service Learning
Lod Marathon: Running for Social Change

Kol HaKavod to our inspiring team! This year Yahel Social Change Program participants and staff are joining together with the Lod Young Adult Center (HaTachana) to form a team of runners for the upcoming Lod Marathon on March 31. The team is running to fundraise for both organizations in an effort to work towards a vision of a diverse, tolerant, and equal society in Israel. 

Make a donation to these extremely worthy causes today!
Our Recent Meeting with Natan Sharansky

Yahel Social Change Program participants in Lod recently had the honor of hosting Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. During his visit, he learned about the important work they are doing on the ground in Lod, and asked many thoughtful questions. We hope he comes again soon!
Project Spotlight: Innovative and Diverse Education
Yahel Social Change Program participant Leah Topper is managing an innovative project at the Zvulun Hammer school, one of her many volunteer placements in Rishon LeZion. The project is called "Technology, Education, and Cultural Diversity (TEC), and allows sixth graders from two Druze schools, one religious Jewish school and one secular Jewish school to communicate using online tools... and they are communicating in English! 

These students might not have the chance to interact on a daily basis, but through the TEC program they are able to use a virtual forum to engage with each other using online personas. At the end of the year, the students will have the opportunity to meet in person!

"We need a Leah in every school!" - Inbal Franko Vieg, National Coordinator of the TEC Project.

Volunteer Placement Spotlight: Tech Careers

Our Lod group recently began a series of meetings with students who are part of an Israeli NGO called Tech Career. The goal of the Ethiopian-Israeli run organization is to open the door to promising and sustainable technological careers for young members of their community.

Check out these photos of the inspiring group that meets every other week to participate in a language and culture exchange! 

Travel Spotlight: Arab Citizens of Israel Day Trip
The group headed up to the north, to visit Umm El Fahem and Kfar Qara on their Arab Citizens of Israel Day Trip. We met with inspiring activists, grassroots organizers, coexistence projects, educational programs and more!

Some highlights from the trip include:
  • A visit to the beautiful Umm Al-Fahem Gallery, where we learned about contemporary art in Arab-Israeli society. 
  • Meeting with Amna Kanane, Founding Director of Awareness4U, the fastest growing women's organization that deals with health, employment and gender discrimination in the Arab-Israeli sector. 
  • A visit to Bridge Over the Wadi - Hand in Hand School, a bilingual, multicultural elementary and high school. Their model brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six communities around Israel. Walking around their school was extremely moving!

Participant Spotlight: Natasha Shaw
Name: Tash
Hometown: Hertfordshire, England
University: Nottingham University
Major: English literature
Reason Why You Chose Yahel: I wanted to spend a significant amount of time in Israel and to learn about community organizing.

Volunteer Placements:
1) Gane Ya'ar (School)
2) Jindas
3) Dor LeDor
4) Lod Community Garden

Experience With Your Host Family: My host family are amazing! They are warm and wonderful people and whenever I see them there's great food and laughter. Eliza and Yona made Aliyah from India and have been living in Lod since. It's been very interesting to hear about their stories and gain a taste of Jewish Indian culture.

Favorite Moment During Yahel:
My favourite memory of Yahel so far is actually of our first day together on the programme. Since meeting my fellow Yahelnikim we've volunteered and learned together, explored Israel and each other's views. It's been wonderful to learn and grow with the other participants in this group, to be challenged and supported by them through our shared learning, so I look back on that first meeting fondly!
Application Deadline for Yahel Social Change Program is NEXT WEEK on March 20

If you know someone interested in working on meaningful projects with the Arab-Israeli or Ethiopian-Israeli community in either Lod or Rishon LeZion, tell them about the Yahel Social Change Program! For more information, email nina@yahelisrael.com.

Apply Today


Application Deadline for Onward Israel Diversity & Social Justice Summer Internship is on March 20

Spend 8 weeks exploring the many facets of Israeli society that exist within the mixed city of Haifa. In the form of an internship, you will join NGOs, non-profit organizations, and government institutions that are working on diversity related projects on a daily basis. Develop an understanding of the complexity of Israel from within, while making a difference and gaining professional experience. 

Apply Today.


Photo highlights from our recent Negev Seminar!
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