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The last few months at Yahel have been busy and full of miracles – big and small. In addition to our ongoing work in Gedera, we are gearing up to run a program in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood in Rishon LeZion in January and developing new partnerships around the country – in Yavneh, Be’er Sheva and other cities. Throughout these past months, I have witnessed time and again the tremendous power of people coming together to create change. Ethiopian Israeli activists who join forces to change the situation in their community.  Yahelnikim in Gedera who come together to implement a project intended to connect different segments of the population in the town. The Yahel board which is working behind the scenes and helping us take our work to the next level. New Israeli volunteers who have joined us and are helping in many creative ways – raising funds, connecting us to local businesses and getting seeds, trees, paints and other materials for our work projects. And the list goes on.
We have a vision – that Jews from around the world will come together with Israeli communities through their common desire to make this country a more just society.  As Chanukah comes to an end, I can’t help but think about one of the songs we sing: “Each of us is a little light, and together, we’re a great strong Light." We hope you will continue following our work and find a way to join us in making change!
- Dana Talmi, Director of Yahel

Program Spotlight I Yahel Social Change Program  

"Never doubt that the work of a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Over the past four months, the Yahel participants jumped feet first into their Gedera community volunteer work. When they first arrived, Friends by Nature, our partnering organization, presented the volunteers with an idea of a new community project they wanted to develop in collaboration with Yahel. This project was to develop formalized programming in the community garden.

The garden is one of the most successful community programs, drawing 
people from the Shapira neighborhood and many other neighborhoods in Gedera.  It provides an opportunity for Ethiopian Israelis to reconnect with the land, utilize their agricultural skills and serve as role models for youth in the community.  Serving as a source of pride, the garden project bridges generations and connects people from different parts of the city who otherwise rarely interact. 

Volunteering together week after week, the Yahelnikim observed many
 children coming to the garden, but without enough activities in which to participate.  With support from Friends by Nature, they have started to run activities for children in the garden and raising funds that will assist Friends by Nature in hiring young adults from the community who will be able to continue leading these activities on a weekly basis.  The goal of the project is for families and individuals to have a community space where they can learn, teach and spend quality time together.  These structured activities draw children to the garden and provide a positive environment for them after school. In turn, they allow parents to work in their plots, connect with other community members and build relationships.
The project was successfully launched on the first night of Chanukah and included a lovely candle lighting using a Chanukia made by children and from recycled materials. Read Justin’s blog entry for description of this wonderful day. Mazel tov, Yahelnikim, and we look forward to hearing about the continuation of this project!  

"Although we don’t necessarily speak the same language, I have come to realize that gardening is a truly universal language – a way of connecting with people not with words, but with hands, expressions, sighs and laughs."  - Jesse, Yahel Social Change Program participant 

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You still have time to make your end of year donation and support our growing organization! Yahel is now able to receive tax deductable donations in the US and Canada.

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Do you know any young adults looking to gain experience in the non-profit world? Know any interested in teaching English abroad, or working with at-risk youth? Yahel has a few spots left for our February session. Please help us spread the word! Or click here to apply.  

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Did you know that Yahel runs short-term service learning programs such as college Alternative Break trips and congregational programs? 

We're very excited to welcome University of Maryland Hillel Alternative Break this January! The group arrives on Jan. 8 and will be volunteering in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood in Rishon L'Zion.
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Have you been following our Yahel Blog? If not, you're missing out! Each week a Yahel Social Change Program participant writes an entry about his/her experiences - and we love nothing more than to hear it straight from the participants themselves. 

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