Expanding the Yahel Social Change Program!

Many of you have been following our work for the past 4 years, and know of the success of our flagship program in Gedera - our 9 month Yahel Social Change Program.

For the last two years, as the number of applicants has been steadily growing, we have wanted to expand our program. We are now thrilled to announce the launch of a second location of the Yahel Social Change Program! Starting in the fall of 2014, we will have a group in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood in Rishon LeZion. This neighborhood has hosted three short Yahel programs and similar to the Shapira neighborhood in Gedera, has a high percentage of Ethiopian-Israeli residents.

With the generous support of the Rishon LeZion municipality, the Jewish Federation of Greater Metro West in NJ, a matching grant from a NY based family and the continued support of Masa Israel Journey and the Shahaf Foundation, we are now able to invite more young adults to learn, contribute, grapple with and live in Israel.

True to our belief that effective service learning programs have to be based on strong local partnerships, we are looking forward to our new collaboration with Project Atzmaut as well as other groups in the neighborhood.  Over the years we have created many strong relationships in Ramat Eliyahu and we are looking forward to deepening our connections with old friends and forming new ones.

Both in Gedera and Rishon LeZion, the Yahelnikim will be working in the fields of social change, empowerment, community building and education, while learning about social justice issues and social change in Israel.

This exciting new development means that we have a few more spots available for our program and we are looking for strong candidates who are ready for a life-changing experience. Please send good people our way!

We look forward to keeping you up to date on the launch of the program and the work the new Yahel group will be doing in Ramat Eliyahu together with our local partners.

2012 Alternative Break group from UMD Hillel in Ramat Eliyahu's community garden

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