Freedom, Healing & Deliverance, A Practical Guide for Setting Others Free
by Stuart Greer
Next Stop Asia! Pastors Conferences and Cambodia

Dear <<First Name>>
       Life in God is always an adventure! When you listen and obey you'll find yourself in some unusual places! 
 Although Africa is our home away from home we have had many prophetic words and dreams in the last few years indicating we would be going back to Southeast Asia. We praise God for door that is now open! Through a series of divine appointments we our on our way to some sensitive areas in this region.  We have been invited to train over 150 or more leaders in deliverance and prophetic and speak in a few other churches as well.  Unlike the US in these remote and sometimes impoverish areas of the world there are no honorarium or church sponsorship for conferences or workshops. To have a bible, any equipping or go to Bible school is a miracle for many.  So we are sponsoring this on their behalf as we do in many other regions of the world. We will help them get from remote villages, provide food and a place to stay. After the conferences we will leave for Cambodia and join a team from Australia to minister. We are leaving the first week ofNovember and will be gone for around 5 weeks. We would appreciate your prayers.
  The Lord knows we need a financial miracle right now actually $3,000 to be exact. We have left without money before, not that we want to do that again! LOL :) We know he is faithful. If you would like to help with a tax deductible donation click on this link  Thank you for partnering with us and blessing these pastors and churches.
       Our Thanksgiving holiday will be shared over a rice bowl with our new friends overseas. We're are going to miss the turkey this year but have an extra helping for us! :) Happy Early Thanksgiving! Thank you.

From the grateful Greer’s

1. DELIVERANCE - "Hi Cathy And Stuart, I just wanted to send a Thank You! A simple Thank you doesn't seem like enough. God has blessed you both with amazing gifts of prayer, healing and deliverance. I cant even find the words to describe what a life changing event that was for me. I see GOD in a whole new way, and my relationship with him has grown closer. I have received the gift of tongues, and have been praying and praising our Heavenly Father in a whole new way! My therapist even received the gift of tongues since that day! We have such a powerful and awesome GOD! Thanks so much, and God Bless!" - Prayer Recipient 

2. BIBLE TRANSLATION - "I am currently working on the book of Exodus, checking through for spelling mistakes, and the accuracy of language. So far there are not so many mistakes. I cannot wait to hold a Kasem Bible in my hands. It is going to bless my people. Continue to pray for us." - Abraham

3. PRIASE REPORT - We sold out again on Stuart's book and it's now being translated in another language. If you would like to support the next round of printing we would so appreciate it. Proceeds from these books go back into the ministry and helps us do what we can overseas. We are so grateful to all our friends who helped us edit and print this manual. You can order a copy through Stuart's website at

Prayer & Support Needs

1. Getting close to the goal for the purchase of the motorcyle truck shown above.  This vehicle will be used to reach the Kasem tribe in Northern Ghana for Christ. Please go to the website at to make a one time donation. 

2. Pray for the pastors coming to our next conferences overseas that God will not only equip them but set them free.

3. Pray for our next Freedom workshop here in the US in Pomona, CA. Come Holy Spirit!

4. Pray for traveling mercies during the month of November.

5. Pray we can fund another round of printing for Stuart's Deliverance book we need about $1,000. 
"Freedom, Healing & Deliverance" A Practical Guide For Setting Others Free
By Stuart Greer
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