Freedom, Healing & Deliverance, A Practical Guide for Setting Others Free
by Stuart Greer
Healings, Salvations, Deliverance, New Book, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Ghana! New beginnings and more!

Dear MSN Newsletter
     It’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close and school starts in less than a month. We pray you've had a wonderful summer! It's been an incredible year so far. Our quick recap includes moving around, settling down in Tustin, California, part-time jobs as associate pastors at Blessed International Fellowship in Anaheim California, a trip to the Dominican Republic, Kenya and Ghana, five training seminars for pastors and leaders on healing, deliverance and the prophetic. Salvations, more listening groups in northern Ghana, new pastors in central Ghana ready for more church planting. Plus continued support for our regional partners in Ghana.  Of course, deliverance prayer appointments every week setting people free and Stuart’s book is finally published titled, “Freedom, Healing & Deliverance”.  A second book is now being written. Many workshops on Freedom, Healing and Deliverance in the US too. It’s been an amazing year and we give God the glory! Next stop, two pastors conference in Vietnam.
    In a short newsletter it’s hard to describe all the healings, deliverances and salvations but we wanted to include a few testimonies for those of you that willing to take the time to read them they are listed below. God is good. Enjoy!
     Your prayers and financial support make the difference and we want to say, thank you. Thank you for co-laboring with us! We humbly ask if you would consider becoming monthly partner so we can continue this work. Click on the this link to parnter  Some of you know we are currently trying to reach the unreached Kasem tribe in Northern Ghana. In order to continue doing this we need to purchase a motorcycle truck for the outreaches. Take a look at the picture under prayer request and needs. You'll never see anything like this on the street in our city but it's practical transporation there. We need to raise $3,000. 
If you would like to help with this item click on this link to give a one time donation.
     We pray you and your family enjoy an increase of His presence.  There is no one like our God. His arm is not too short to heal, save and deliver. It’s not too short for you either. Lord, we pray for anyone who is struggling financial, physically or emotionally and we declare and proclaim you are able to heal, save and deliver them. It’s what you do and it’s why you died. Do it Lord! For our households and those we love stretch out forth your hand. In Jesus Name, Amen! Psalm 34:1-10

From the grateful Greer’s

Testimonies and Praise Reports!
1. From Ghana - We closed our trip with one final pastor’s and leaders training in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. This pastor’s leaders training went well and they asked us to return next year. There is a real hunger for equipping and training in Africa.  At the end we also did some prophetic ministry and prayed for the sick and five people were healed! Thank you Lord!

2. Outreaches - Before leaving the North we several more outreaches the first one over 700 people came. Hundreds were saved and many healed. A new church is being established. This will be the first Christian church. Currently the village only has a Muslim Mosque. Our last outreach brought in a smaller group again many came to Christ and many were healed. There was a pastor with us who had a church near the area and he was able to take everyone's names and information. Glory!

3.Kenya - After a healing prayer time one woman who was almost blind from cateract was completely healed her eyes turn from white to brown. Many more healed and delivered during training seminars. Thank you Lord!

4. Northern Ghana - We also visited a listening group in Northern Ghana. These are small groups that listen to the word of God. We have been sowing into these groups and they have grown from 63 to 100 small groups. When we asked them how they have been impacted they shared a testimony. There was a woman with severe arthritis who came to the group to find out what was going on. At the time she arrived they were listening to the story of the woman with the issue of blood. When she heard it and they told her this Jesus is still alive she decided if it were true she could be healed. The listening group prayed for her and she was healed and came to Christ. Praise God!

5. Deliverance Workshops - Lot’s of people were getting delivered during group deliverance and then the healing began. One woman with vision problems in one eye was healed, knee pain gone, back pain gone, headaches and more.

6. Listening Groups in Ghana - Simon Yipajei, one of the converts has this to say “I have been initiated by my parents to a river god. The spirit of the river visits me almost every day in my dream. Some times he comes with a warning for the family or future happening. Every time the spirit visits me I have to kill a fowl to appreciate him the following morning. If I don’t I will fall into severe sickness. One day I had nothing with me, not a single fowl, yet the river god will not show me small mercy. I was paralyzed till a friend gave me a fowl to save my life from the punishment of the god. I thank God tonight for Jesus Christ. Now I know I can have a friend who would not punish me for not giving him a fowl. Tonight I denounce the river god and surrender my total life to Jesus Christ. I heard Him in the film that I should come to Him with my burden and He will give me rest. His miracles and teachings have really convinced me that He can be trusted. He has promised a better future home for me.”

7. Deliverance Prayer - A recent deliverance prayer appointment reports, "Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for what you have done for me and the many people of this world.  I was very blessed by your Ministry and Healed from so many demons that have been lingering in me for some time now.  I slid out of bed I was once again feeling drunk and laughing hysterically because I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  It was total freedom from my bondage to my sins.  If only you knew who I was before.  I was truly skeptical about the whole thing and even had hate and violent thoughts towards you guys.  I felt that I need to leave and Stuart encouraged me to stay and that I would be able to restrain myself till deliverance...  I want to help others to know that we can be saved through the power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. To know what this freedom feels like.  To know that sin can be overthrown by Our Loving Savior.  Thank you so much.

8. Outreach - Praise God we got a new generator for the outreaches in Northern, Ghana – Cathy

There are so many more from the nations to right here at home but we hope you enjoyed these few. Blessings, Stuart and Cathy Greer

9. Texas Testimonies abound! Stuart called people up for testimonies and we just cried. It was so amazing! One man with a crooked spine felt it move and suddenly had no pain, he was healed.   Then another man on the other side of the room also experience healing in his back. Also a woman testified her grandfather had told them a month earlier he had become a 33rd free mason. At the same time she started having sever pain and was diagnosis with endometriosis. During the breaking of free mason curses her pain got more intense then moved up her stomach and up out of her mouth. All the pain was gone. 

Prayer & Support Needs

1. Please pray for the listen groups. These are small groups that gather weekly to listen to the Bible on tape. The groups have now grown from 63 to 100 in three years. 

2. Pray for ongoing pastoral support. We support pastors monthly and would like to see an increase. Pray for the pastors and leaders in Northern Ghana that God will continue to use them in not just word but a demonstration of His power!

3. Pray for church planting efforts in central and northern Ghana and funds to continue to do it. One church planted this year and 13 new pastor getting ready to reach out and plant new churches. We  need more support to do it. 

4. Speaking of support. Please pray for an increase of monthly partners and that all the funds will come in for our motorcycle truck.

5. Micro businesses to help pastoral and church planting efforts. Thank you.

Woman who was blind healed in Jesus name!
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