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October 2008

Wow! The third village church is now being planted. Three days of outreaches includes living in the village and making relationships with the families and elders. It went so well! The Lord gave Stuart an illustration and message he will never forget. Stuart is staying with Peter and Alice our partners in Atebubu. One day Alice decided to ride her bike into town. As she was heading down the dirt road she saw something in front of her so she stopped. Then a six foot black cobra rose up in the middle of the road. She ran back to the house and told Peter. He quickly grabbed his gun and ran out of the house looking for the snake. After rustling through the bushes he finally found the snake and shot it! He brought it back to the house to show Stuart. Stuart was shocked and grab his camera! Peter told him this snake was trying to sneak onto the property! They quickly noticed a lump near the mouth of the snake and decided to squeeze the body. As they did out popped a frog still alive! I am really glad I missed this part of the trip but I'm sure the pictures will be interesting.

Later that day the Lord spoke to Stuart about the snake and suddenly he had his message for the evening. Over 250 people showed up in the village that night and Stuart began to tell them the story of the snake and the frog. He told them like the frog they were stuck in the body of a snake. They were worshiping idols and sacrificing to demons in hopes these demons would not hurt them but like the snake demons cannot change their nature. He went on to explain that no worship or sacrifices to idols would save them and there was only one sacrifice that could. He then preached the gospel and the entire village came to Christ. Thank you Lord. Thank you for the new births of these precious believers, the new churches and even the illustration! Could we have another one without reptiles? Amen!

The team is now on the way to the third village. After many car problems Stuart was able to get to the second village just in time to see over 50 people getting baptized in a small river. There will be larger baptism next week. Four churches will be planted this month with one more in November. We are so privileged to be participating in what the Lord is doing. Please pray for protection, anointing and wisdom for Stuart. Please pray for all the forms of transportation and the team, who are pretty wearing from so many days of camping in the bush.

Thank you. Blessings, Stuart and Cathy Greer


Stuart and Cathy Greer
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  • Monthly Giving -
    It's hard to explain how far even the smallest amount goes in Africa but it makes an incredible difference. Please pray for finances and continued provision.

  • Five churches at $1,500 each. PRAISE GOD! WE ARE ON OUR WAY! It's our desire, if the Lord allows, to plant 20 churches in this region. We trust the Lord will provide for His work and do what He wants to do but we do our part too. We ask, we pray and when He says, "Go!", we go!

  • You may remember, in faith by a leading from the Lord, we purchased a sound system when we first started for around $2,500 not knowing what we would do with it?
    PRAISE GOD! HE'S IN CHARGE! The sound system is mobile, perfect for church planting and was an incredible joy to see in operation. It works great!

    Thank you for your prayers and support.


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Blessings, Cathy and Stuart Greer
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