Taste and see that the Lord is good. Happy New Year!
Dear Friends,
    Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2011 is actually coming to a close! We were recently reflecting on all the amazing things God has done. Take a look at the recap below. There are so many incredible testimonies from this year too. Your prayers and support make a difference in so many peoples lives. It's hard to explain and express this in a newsletter. The stories are endless, even this week Stuart went to see a young man in prison and his life was changed. We just shared the gospel with a young girl and she gave her life to Christ. This week we also met someone who wanted to commit suicide but now they're walking in freedom! In Africa this month, a man came to an outreach and was healed of a snake bite and gave his life to Christ. The testimonies of God's goodness are just too many! Thank you Lord! What does God have in store for 2012?  When you're dreaming with God the possibilities are endless! (Pictures: From this year and our Ghana partners Peter and Alice Atiah and partners Abraham and Lydia Ayiakwo )(
    Thank you for with partnering with Christ and with us to advance His Kingdom both here at home and throughout the nations!
  Lord, we pray that you would bring a fresh infilling of your Holy Spirit and a deeper revelation of your love to each person reading this newsletter! We pray you will experience an increase in the Lord's presences and breakthrough in 2012! In Jesus Name, Amen!

Blessings, Stuart and Cathy Greer

Thank you Lord for all you did in 2011!    

- Tickets to Africa, Ghana and South Africa.    

- E
quipping at the Africa School of Missions, South Africa.

- Bapti
sms in South Africa and Ghana.

- Training in equipping in Atebubu, Ghana.

- Pastor leader training and equipping in the US and Africa.

- Outreaches in Ghana & new churches planted in Ghana.

- Ongoing monthly pastoral support for the churches in Ghana.

- Meeting with district leaders in the central region of Ghana.

- 120 new tape recorders for listening groups in Northern Ghana

- Financial support for Zonal leaders who oversea listening groups.
- Monthly outreaches to the Kasem tribe in northern Ghana.      

- New discipleship groups in northern Ghana.

- Monthly support for five evangelists in the northern, Ghana.

- Ongoing monthly support for two apostolic indigenous leaders.

- Ongoing support for teachers at Zion Elementary.

- Easter Conference in Atebubu, Ghana

- Equipping in Power Evangelism and the Prophetic in various churches.

- Personal deliverance prayer appointments for 100’s of people!

- Deliverance training and new teams established in US and Africa.

- Hundreds of people healed, saved and delivered.

- Deliverance ministry training in the US, Ghana and South Africa

- And everything we forgot to mention, “Thank you Lord!"

What will the Lord do in 2012?

We are so excited to find out what the Lord will do next year as we 
listen and submit our plans to Him! “Commit to the LORD whatever 
you do, and he will establish your plans.” Prov. 16:3. 

- Launching of Children Support Network, bringing resources to 
children at risk due to war, poverty and aids.

- New Children Support Network partners in Ghana, South Africa, Liberia and Zimbabwe.
- Ongoing pastoral support in Ghana, Africa.

- Healing, Freedom and Deliverance for hundreds
- New believers and church plants in Ghana.

- Training for small group leaders in Northern Ghana.

- Tickets for Africa and Teams overseas
- First teams going overseas with Mission Support Network.

- Speaking and ministering in Africa, Asia and US.

- Back to the Middle East for equipping and training.

- New building for Zion Elementary School.

- Ongoing equipping of individual leaders in US and other nations.

- Two day Deliverance Workshops in Southern California, Texas and more.

- Formal publishing of Stuart’s deliverance book.

- New book of healing and deliverance testimonies!

- More deliverance teams established throughout Southern California.

- Ongoing support for Missionaries abroad.

- Continued demonstration and advancement of His Kingdom!

TESTIMONY: Here you go! One of many testimonies from last year! This one is from right here at home. As you know we do personal deliverance prayer. These appointments require a questionnaire be completed which includes questions about your relationship with Jesus. In this particular appointment we knew right away when this woman walked in with prayers from the Koran and a string of Catholic prayer beads she didn’t really know the Lord. Turns out her husband who had passed away was Muslim and she was a former Catholic. Because of things happening in her home and depression she came in for prayer. The Lord set her free and she gave her life to Him!  She was also healed from headaches and chronic shaking of her hands! It’s always interesting to see people’s reactions when they realize there is a supernatural realm and it includes angels and demons. During the deliverance she was shocked when she felt a demon physically push her. Well, those pushy old friends are now gone! :) God is amazing! Saved, healed and delivered in one appointment! Praise God! For more testimonies on God’s power to heal, save and deliver go to http://www.msnministries.org/media.html

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