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August 2008
Revival Fire For Pastors From Liberia

Dear Friends,
We just got back from a meeting with the Pastors and Leaders at the Liberian Refuge Camp here in Ghana. This is a UN camp for Liberians who fled a civil war in their country over seven-teen years ago. At it’s height the Liberian camp had 45,000 people in it but recently they have been ordered to leave by October so that number is now about 15,000. It's a long process through the UN in order to return home. They can only leave with 50 pounds and are given a $100 to move. You can imagine how difficult it would be after living in the area for seventeen years, pulling your kids out of school and leaving the home you built. Some pastors are simply closing their doors since their congregations are now gone. Many of them of course don’t want to leave and their situation is difficult to say the least. There was a time, they were offered integration into Ghana. However, many did not understand the offer or trust those who made it. They also felt the offer did not provide them with what they needed to be truly integrated. Therefore, they said no to that offer. When the Ghanaian peoples heard this, they were really upset. From their perspective, after all the years of helping the Liberians, to turn down the offer of to integrate was like a slap in the face. Now anger towards Liberian refugees is prevalent in Ghana.

Our hearts were broken for their situation but the Lord began to give us prophetic words for them. Stuart stood before them and talked about Liberia, telling them that only 40% of the nation is Christian. He wept and encouraged them to see Liberia the way that God sees it, a nation that needed to be saved. He asked them to return to their homeland with a new vision for revival. Wow, it was so powerful! Then the Lord gave me a Psalm 27. I preached from it with all my heart and it so seemed like many of them were encourage again. Every teaching was tied to the subject of prayer, faith and revival. In the U.S., prior to coming here, we received many prophecies we would carry revival fire to the nations. So it was exciting to watch the hearts of these leaders burning with revival for Liberia!

The next day Stuart did an incredible teaching. He taught from Mark 11:20-25. He talked about the mountains in our lives, what they look like and how to remove them by faith. I thought, "Wow, this is so good!" I pulled out my notebook and started taking notes. I was seriously blown away as I watch the Lord activate Stuart’s teaching gift.

On day three I spoke about fear verses faith encouraging them to walk into their new lives with hope. We then did a special ministry time, which included a Fire Tunnel or Prayer Tunnel. This fire tunnel consist of two rows of people that face each other and another row of people walking between them receiving prayer. We told them to pray for faith, anointing power, blessings and healing. The Lord had shown Cathy some of them would be healed. After the prayer session we asked for testimonies. Many shared how special the last three days were for them and some we're healed. One pastor shared he was extremely skeptical when he heard and saw what we were doing for ministry. He came with pain in his hip and leg, something he had suffered with for some time. The more he prayed for people walking between the rows the pain increased. He began to focus on those coming through the line and forgot about his hip and leg. Suddenly, he realized he was completely healed! He said, "This is the real deal!" Praise God!

Another testimony was from a pastor who was in the hospital when he felt like the Lord told him to come to the meeting. He literally took his IV out of his arm, checked himself out of the hospital and came to the meeting. As soon as he came through the pray line he was completely healed. That was awesome! We all rejoiced together over the amazing things the Lord had done. At the end of the conference the pastors honored us and presented us with the clothes we are wearing in the photos. Stuart’s outfit is something you would traditionally see a chief of the village wearing and my outfit was as bright as the sun. Spending time with these pastors encouraging them during this difficult time of transition was a divine appointment and we were truly blessed. (If you made it this far you might as well check out the pictures too. Click here.)

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Blessings, Cathy and Stuart Greer

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We had an opportunity to meet with a group of Prison Chaplains. The prison ministry in Ghana is interesting. Prisons in the US are like resorts compared to the prisons in Ghana, which might be by why they don't have as high a return rate. These Chaplains are amazing, unlike a church they have no congregation that can tithe and support them. They are all ministers who must work another job or raise support another way.

The Lord really gave us words for them to encourage and build their faith. Prior to going I had prepared nothing while we were waiting for the key to open the building I began to watch a few birds. It was amazing to watch one female bird building a nest and working so diligently while the male bird was protecting nest building activity. The one building the nest was unaware that any protection was needed she was just busy building the nest. Many times other birds would go near the tree but could never get past the watchful eye of the protective male bird. As I sat their observing these two birds the Lord spoke to me. I was immediately reminded of the scriptures in Mathew 6:25-34 where the Lord said he would watch over us and not to worry about provision, look at the birds. In a moment I had my message for the Prison Chaplains. It turned out to be the very words they needed to hear. When we were done speaking we began to minister to each one personally. People were healed and the Fired of God was moving powerfully through Stuart. Of course those of you that know him will laugh just picturing this ministry time as he prayed and roared over these pastors! :)


We are now preparing to go to Navrongo for a pastor's conference, revival meetings and three small crusades. We are flying to the most remote spot in the country. Navrongo is on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso. We actually fly, then drive for two hours. The area is mostly muslim and our schedule is non stop. Please pray for the Lord's continued favor, grace and power. You're prayers mean so much to us. Thank you.

Aug. 20th - Oct. 1st

We had a change in our schedule so we are coming home August 20th and will return to Ghana on October 1st for some church planting If the Lord provides from there we will then go to India returning to the US in November. We look forward to seeing all of you. It's our desire to minister in the area while we are home and we're praying the Lord will open doors for this. We are both looking forward to a shower with hot water! Shaba!

Stuart and Cathy Greer
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