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November 2010


Dear <<First Name>>,

Below are some updates from our recent trip! God is so good! His power and glory are on display for those who have eyes to see.  He demonstrates His power in the most humble places around the world.  One such display happened in the life of a new believer in the Middle East.  Bound with shame, and guilt, the enemy had a stronghold but our powerful Lord brought complete freedom!  Demons must submit and go in the name of Jesus!  It was a divine appointment orchestrated by God and special to us too!          

Andrah Pradesh, IndiaMany of you know we went on this trip because of a dream from the Lord over a year ago.  We knew we had to go but waited on the Lord’s timing.  What you might not know is one of the details in the dream included a glass of Tang.  Yes, Tang the instant drink mix introduced to the US back when men were trying to reach the moon.  It was known as the drink of astronauts.  Imagine our surprise when this precious believer, expressing gratitude to God and to us for praying, served us a glass of Tang!  Could God have sent us half way around the world for this one person?  The answer is yes He can and He will.  This person wasn’t even saved when we had the dream!  Of course so much more happen but think about this one situation.  Multitudes, masses or just one, the extent our loving Lord will go to touch His beloved is incredible!  His kindness, grace and mercy are beyond our understanding!

We are returning to deliverance prayer appointments, speaking and equipping in addition to the ongoing work in Africa.  Your support allows us to continue doing the work of the ministry, thank you. Thank you for your prayers and ongoing financial giving.  We thank the Lord for every opportunity that all of us have to partner with Him.

Stuart and Cathy Greer
Mission Support Network

P.S. Enjoy the video at the end of this email!

Wow, God did so much during this part of our trip! We did speaking, equipping, deliverance, impartation prayers and topped it off with a fire tunnel at one of the services! In addition between all locations including Lebanon we had 22 deliverances that we could remember in ten days! Praise God!  While at the mall a Muslim woman was healed of painful varicose veins! That was certainly a first District Leaders in Andrah Pradeshfor us! We also met so many people from other nations during our visit and it was wonderful!  While ministering in a woman's shelter we even ran into a woman from Ghana, Africa of all places!! We knew her town and could talk about the city she was from! She was delighted!  God is moving throughout this region in supernatural ways.  Stuart had an opportunity along with our friend to speak to a man who had Jesus reveal himself in a dream.  God is speaking directly to people where there is no access to the gospel.  He came that all might be saved!  We feel in love with everyone we met and are praying the Lord will allow us to go back! ☺

Partnered with India Christian Ministries we started our time speaking at their worship school. Then hit the road for hours and drove to Ongole, India.  A two-night outreach, despite the heavy rain and flooding resulted in hundreds coming to Christ.  Then we were back on the road again to the Pastor’s Conference. Again despite the rain and travel problems almost 700 people showed up! Praise God! Then suddenly two days of sunshine during the conference! Thank you Lord!  Stuart did equipping session on deliverance and I spoke about the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the spirit and activating people in the church.  It was so awesome to see all these leaders and pastors join together singing and praying in the Spirit. Holy Spirit started touching them all!  Stuart and James, the director, released an impartation prayer over all of them.  We then closed by anointing every single person with oil!  There were many smaller meetings between all this including a group of women evangelist, a district leaders meeting and more!  Also long road trips and a little sickness! :) God is moving mightily in India!

One of the most precious happened during the outreach was a young girl who could hardly look at me. She was getting ready for dental surgery because her teeth were deformed, protruding out of her gums.  You could tell it was the cause of so much pain and ridicule in her life.  People pressing in on us from every side you only had time for a quick prayer of blessing and healing.  However I could feel the Lord’s compassion welling up inside me for her and a quick prayer just wouldn’t do.  Suddenly the crowd disappeared and it became all about her.  I grabbed her, pulled her close to my chest and just held her for a while.  She just wept, hot tears streaming down her face.  It wasn’t me. It was the Lord’s hands and His heart of love pouring over her.  No language, no way to converse just the universal language of the Lord’s love!  She looked at me, we smile and we both knew it was going to be ok.

“The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas. He then brought them out and asked, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."  - Acts 16: 29-31

Prayer Requests
1. For wisdom on continued involement in India
2. Increased annointing for healing and deliverance.
3. Funds for church planting, radio time and a new school bus for Atebubu
4. For the leaders in Atebubua and Navrango, Ghana also, health and protection

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