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August 2008

Dear Friends,
We went to Navrongo, Ghana for a series of pastor’s conferences and outreaches. Unfortunately the rainy season kept us from many of the outreaches except for one. In this one village over 300 people gave their lives to Christ! It was awesome! God is so good! We remembered what Rienhard Bonnke had told us about praying for the sick in a large crowd. It’s impossible for Rienhard to lay hand on a crowd of 1 million so he simply tells them to put their hand on the place where it hurts and if it’s their entire body then they should put their hand on their head. So we looked at the crowd and thought, let’s try it! We did and we were shocked! We asked them to wave their hands if they felt the pain leave and 40-50 people started waving at us! Wow! It was amazing to witness!

We also had two pastor conferences/leaders in addition to the outreaches. One was about 80 in attendance and the other about 150 daily. They represented many denominations some we have never heard of including Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Assembly of God and Catholic. We introduced them to what we affectionately call a fire tunnel or prayer tunnel and they loved it! People were healed and many shared testimonies on how the conference impacted them. A man shared how his ear had opened, another man told us he could not move his waist and was in a lot of pain. Stuart prayed for him and he was completely healed and could move his waist again (see photo). There are just too many healing testimony’s to mention all of them! We spoke on prayer, faith, unity and their destiny in Christ. These leaders are truly on the front lines, living in the areas that still have many tribal members that have not heard the gospel. It’s our prayer they were encouraged to keep moving forward and reach their region for Christ.

The Pastors impressed us as prayer warriors and hungry for the things of God. Some of the questions we received from them were very interesting. Unlike the U.S., there is a real problem with idol worship (worship of spirits in trees and rocks, evil forces of nature, etc.) The people don’t worship these spirits out of love, but sacrifice to them, to appease them. The animists view them as evil and are afraid of them. Some pastors asked questions concerning inheritance of land, or inheritance of tribal authority, which is interwoven around idols and unclean rituals. To think, people still worship idols is so foreign to our western minds, it is hard to grasp, but the dark power behind it is real. Thank God for Jesus and His awesome power that has defeated all the works of the devil!

Our host was a young man named Abraham Ayiakwo. He’s married with two young children and had recently formed the Macedonia Network. This network is a group of church leaders who have a heart to reach the unreached villages in northern Ghana. We were very appreciative of their hospitality and putting together this incredible week for us.

Navrongo and the surrounding area is the poorest we had seen in Ghana to date. Almost everyone is a farmer. They farms have no modern equipment and much of the farming is the same as it was in biblical times. They use donkeys for plowing and a small hand held hoe for weeding. It’s critical you produce a descent crop during the short raining season before temperatures rise to over a 100 degrees. There are no irrigation systems. If you’re farm does not do well your family will be in serious trouble. There are no real industries to speak of in this region with the exception of a few government jobs. The conditions were completely different from the other places we had been and the poverty was evident everywhere. The needs are overwhelming but the people are warm, friendly and even generous.

We were so blessed by all that the Lord did during our time there. Mission Support Network will be praying and seek God on how He would have us continue in Northern Ghana. It is our desire to see the revival come to those who have never had the opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support (Click here for more photos).

Stuart and Cathy Greer


I can’t tell you how many times I have told Stuart that deliverance ministry is his thing not mine. Deliverance is not my cup of tea! This time when I said it I started remembering a prayer I always prayed. Once quoted by John Wimber, I use to pray, “Lord, I am spare change in your pocket spend me anyway you want!” What was I thinking? He might want me to cast out a demon!” I’m starting to realize I cannot pick and choose what I will and will not do for the Lord. The truth is we have to be ready for anything, to be spent anyway he sees fit!

Jesus said, “As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” As I was reading this again I was also reminded that casting out demons was the one thing that made the ministry of Jesus so distinct. Never in the Old Testament had someone cast out an evil spirit. Who is this person that has authority over demons? The demonized were set free and it was this aspect of His ministry that caused the news about him to spread into the surrounding regions. Jesus told his disciples to go preach and do the ministry he was doing! So we too are also called to do what Jesus did!

Jesus gave his disciples a very specific charge in Mathew, chapter ten and that same charge is now ours. I can honestly say I have healed the sick in the name Jesus but I have never raised the dead or cleansed a leper. I do however fully expect to do this as the need arises. However, casting out demons is not something I go looking for or really want to do! No doubt it’s pretty strange to hear someone demonized talk in another voice or start moving like a snake (something we have both seen). Think about it, if you were oppressed of the devil and could get rid of it, you would be so glad if someone prayed for you! It’s awesome to be set free and it can only happen by the power of God! So despite my personal reservations to this kind of ministry, I was rejoicing with everyone else that Jesus has authority over the devil and all his demons! Thank you, Jesus for everything you’ve done for us! Amen!


Stuart mentioned he had a deliverance ministry and immediately after one of the conference sessions a young woman in the ministry school asked us if we would make time to see her cousin. We agreed to meet with her at the motel, along with pastor Abraham.

As she began to share her story our hearts were broken and we were quickly getting a better understanding of the tribal customs and culture in this area. Dedicated to the River God as a child, she was the family member now responsible to carry out the ongoing idol worship, which included making animal sacrifices in the local shrine. When she gave her life to Christ three years ago she refused to continue in the family traditions. There are more details but some of it would just be too hard for many to believe.

Since receiving Christ, the demonic torment plaguing her life had increased. She never slept at night and things were getting worse. Because she was attending a church, which didn’t do deliverances, and she didn’t know anybody to trust, there was really no place to go for help. God came powerfully and within an hour and half she was completely free and then filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, this is very much Stuart’s ministry not mine! I always tell him that I will catch them (the lost) and he can clean them (deliver them). However, my heart was overjoyed at the freedom she now had.

1. Church Planting - $1,500 per church helps us plant our first three. What a privilege.
2. India Women’s Conference - $5,000
3. India Crusade $4,000.
This is splitting the cost with someone else. Because India is in revival 1,000’s come to
Christ so this investment is pretty minimal.
4. Ultrasound machine - Ok, this is going to sound strange but if you know where there is a cheap version or a use ultra sound machine we could use it.

Stuart and Cathy Greer
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