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Januray 2008

Dear Friends,
Because of the subject matter, I (Stuart) am not going to ask you to give to us but I am going to ask you to give. As I began to get a vision and understanding of the Kingdom of God, the Great Commission and actually saw revival in the nations I was shocked at how a little amount of giving could change so much. I had a major shift in my own life regarding not the tithe but the offering. Those other areas we give in addition to the tithe. Maybe this isn’t your heart, part of your life and your first thought is, “I can’t afford it!” I understand because that’s where I was but then God started showing me the power we have in giving and how it affects the gospel.

We had an opportunity to visit with Rienhard Bonke and talk with him and his staff about their organization. To our amazement he is bringing people to Christ and into places of discipleship for about $1 per soul. If you’re not familiar with Rienhard he along with those who work with him have led 50 million people to Christ. In India we have watch our friends at India Christian Ministries do crusades and disciple people sometimes for even less than a dollar per soul. We also saw this play out in the small regions of central Ghana. We went to small unreached villages where they had never heard the gospel and won people to Christ, planted churches and left paid for seasoned pastors there to raise up leaders all for about $10 per soul.

I now understand the power of giving as it relates to the gospel being advance around the world because I have seen it first hand. A little sacrifice nets a huge return. Example in Atebubu region in Ghana where we work it looks like this: $100 a month = 120 new believers disciple for one year. Are you leading 120 people to Christ a year, I know I wasn’t. We all easily spend $4 at Starbucks. That’s ok God has bless us! I love Starbucks but the idea of snatching 120 people from hell in a year excites me!

So let’s think about it as a family. If you as a family gave $100 a month for one year the results in the case of Atebubu, Ghana would be 100 souls a year and include a church plant. This is a conservative figure because depending on the size of the village it of course could be more. If you continued this for ten years the result would be 1000 souls If a 100 family were giving a $100 a month the result would be 10,000 souls in a year and 100,000 souls in ten years and If 1,000 families were giving a $100 a month that would mean a 100,000 souls a year and one million souls in ten years. Out of 3 million people in Orange County if 100,000 Christian families caught this vision it would result in 100,000,000 million souls! Again, this does not even take into account the principle of multiplication as believers leading friends, neighbors and family members to Christ. If Orange County in ten years seeded 100 million souls into the kingdom and each lead 10 people to Christ that would mean 1 billion souls would be brought into the Kingdom! It’s amazing when you think bout it. It all starts with a $100 a month vision and understanding of what it does. This is not what it can do but what we have seen it will do.

Giving to missions as an offering above the tithe is a privilege. Look for the worthy house to give to. This is your responsibility. Ask the following questions.
1. What is the money going to?
2. Does the ministry have a good reputation?
3. Does the ministry give you feedback on what they are doing and how they have spent the money?
4. Are they partnering, equipping, empowering and training indigenous leaders and pastor to do the actual work? a. One of the main responsibilities of a missions oriented ministry is to make sure they are partnering with a worthy indigenous apostolic oriented leader.
5. Never give out of manipulation or compulsion.
6. Ministry needs are many and they do need to ask. This is understandable.
7. Give from conviction by the Holy Spirit for a specific cause or reason not blindly.
8. Don’t give if you feel manipulated or made to feel guilty if you don’t give. (Manipulation and guilt is a form of control, which is witchcraft.) a. This happens when the minister is not trusting God to provide but instead is forcing the others to give.

So In conclusion I am asking you to consider the privilege of giving to the nations for souls on a consistent basis. Ask the Lord to lay upon your heart the amount to give, where to give and for what purpose to give. AMEN!

Blessings, Stuart Greer


  • Please pray safety, provision and spiritual growth for the new churches we just planted.
  • Pray for our finances. We have to raise support for flights around $3,000, church planting and additional expenses.
  • Church planting is $1,500 and includes a motorcycle for the pastor, an outreach and pastoral support for six months. There are over 20 villages waiting for churches. Would you like to plant a church among a people group who have never heard the gospel? Let us know.
  • Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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