Heat Up Your Summer with Jazz and
Rhythm-Driven Dance!

We're back at you again with info on opportunities to learn about and view jazz and rhythm-driven dance in our fair MN cities and beyond! As always, we are here to hear your suggestions, so send them our way!

Groove on,
Erinn Liebhard
Artistic Director   

The mission of Rhythmically Speaking is to revitalize jazz and rhythm-based dance forms in the Twin Cities, supporting its practitioners, educating its audiences, and celebrating its rich history while nurturing innovation through performance.


Rhythmically Speaking 2015 Choreographers Selected!
Rush Benson and Brian Evans
Jennifer Glaws
Sarah Jabar
Emily Oleson and Kwame Opare (D.C./ West V
Cathy Wind/ Keane Sense of Rhythm
Clarence Teeters (Reconstructed by Karla Grotting)
The show will also feature a piece by RS Artistic Director Erinn Liebhard. Rhythmically Speaking 2015 will explore how rhythmic dance styles co-mingle, preserving, propagating and pushing forward their abilities to connect people through the pulse of shared experiences. Running August 20-22 at Bedlam Lowertown, the above collection of rhythm-lovers will offer seven different takes on these ideas, bound together by their passion for embodying rhythm and music. From theatrical ruckus to modern jazz and rhythm-tap to rhythm-driven modern with classic jazz, clogging and West African twisted in, 2015 annual production will present several unique outlooks!

When: August 20 - 22 at 8:00pm
Where: Bedlam Lowertown
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West African Dance Summer Session Classes with Duniya Drum and Dance!

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Whitney McClusky leads her thorough and invigorating journey through traditional West African dances set to live drumming lead by Fode Bangoura! Classes are open level and all are welcome. Take this chance to experience a new dance form, brush up your chops or to go whole hog and show the rest of the class how to get down!

When: Session #1: June 15 - 17 at 7:00pm/ Session #2: June 23 - 25 at 7:00pm
Where: Patrick's Cabaret
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Advanced Jazz at Zenon with Jennifer Glaws: New Time!

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Shake your rhythm-maker with Jennifer Glaws at Zenon this summer. Formerly in a 9:30-11pm slot, the new 10:30-12pm slot will make class much more accessible for those who wish to sleep in or take class on an early lunch break! Invigorate your Friday with this class.

When: Fridays, June 12 - August 28 from 10:30am - 12:00pm
Where: Zenon Dance Company & School
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Opportunities Elsewhere: JRJP Summer Intensive/ American Vernacular Dance Week

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The Jump Rhythm summer intensive is just weeks away! From the company: "The Jump Rhythm® Summer Intensive is not only well-suited for dancers, but also for actors, singers, musicians and rhythm-lovers of all backgrounds! Daily classes include Jump Rhythm® Technique, Jump Rhythm® Tap, Jump Rhythm Repertory and American RhythmDancing™, among others." Let your voice be heard!

When: June 21 - 26
Where: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
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The only summer program of its kind within the only major program of its kind (i.e. 'American Vernacular Dance'), Augusta Heritage Center's "American Vernacular Dance Week" puts rhythm tap, clogging, classic jazz and house dance in conversation with one another. Join us at Douglas & Elkins College in West Virginia for this year's installment, titled “Jazz as Intersection.” Rural and urban, black and white, old and new: this workshop brings it all!

When: August 2 -7
Where: Augusta Heritage Center/ Douglas & Elkins College, WV
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Curio Dance Presents: Drop the Mic: Co-Operation!

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June 19 - 21 at the Cowles Center, Curio Dance will offer the community their fifth annual production. Against a backdrop of live sound from a combo including jazz trumpet, latin congas and contemporary piano, as well as an MC and DJ, Drop the Mic: Co-Operation! explores through movement our relationship to the earth. Curio's annual production always features a wide array and rhythm-driven movement styles, this time around including Capoeira-Breaking, Afro-Caribbean Ballet, Native American Hip-Hop and Acrobatic Cyr Wheel. Keep your eye out for puppets from In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre too!

When: June 19 - 20 at 7:30pm, June 21 at 2:00pm
Where: The Cowles Center
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Zorongo Flamenco Presents: FLAMENCO ON FIRE

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Zorongo presents their spring concert FLAMENCO ON FIRE at the Cowles Center June 26 - 27. The show will feature Artistic Director Susana di Palma and the Zorongo dancers, joined by a cast of internationally renowned guest artists from Spain including singer Kina Mendez and dancer/ choreographer Antonio Arrebola. The show will also offer a sneak-peek of di Palma's work in progress, a contemporary Flamenco ballet inspired by Spanish artist Francisco De Goya. 

When: June 26 - 27 at 8:00pm
Where: The Cowles Center
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The Eclectic Edge Ensemble Presents: Lost Voices in Jazz: The Choreographers of the Minnesota Jazz Dance Company

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MJDC (1975-1988) was Minnesota's first repertory jazz dance company, founded by Zoe Sealy. During its 13-year run, five male choreographers created original works on the dancers. By 1991, four were lost to AIDS: William Harren, Jeffrey Mildenstein, Clarence Teeters and David Voss. Former company member Karla Grotting and Eclectic Edge Ensemble are reconstructing select works by these remarkable artists to honor and remember their contributions to the American concert jazz dance form. The production is a partnership with Open Arms MN and The Aliveness Project, both of which make efforts to improve HIV/AIDS awareness and to increase support for those living with HIV/AIDS.

When: July 24 - 25 at 7:30pm
Where: The O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
Tickets & More Info: Here