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N°2 about digital B2B Marketing

Dear valued reader,

Digital is transforming our world of B2B marketing and sales. But don’t let them force you into anything. Read the flying fish first, where we take a slightly different view from the mainstream, and uncover a different side of digital.

Enjoy your reading!


Going digital

From our own desk: How to prioritize digital transformation?

Everybody is talking about digital transformation, but you can’t do it all at once! Allow us to help you prioritize. We’ve analyzed the trends and the tools and can help you separate the invaluable from the over-hyped. If you already live and breathe digital, you may not need our help. For everyone else in industrial marketing, this one’s for you

What’s hot in digital marketing?

There’s one born every minute – or so it seems. So how do we make sense of the baffling proliferation of apps, platforms and tools? Take a look at Scott Brinker’s master diagram that maps and categorizes more than 3,800 digital offerings. All you will ever need to master digital marketing – on a single page of A4. Download the map here.

In need of digital detox?

Is digital technology here to help us? Or to lure us into dependence, so one day we won’t be able to function without it? Is Silicon Valley trying to hook us with subconscious rewards, the way McDonalds tries to hook us with certain flavors? This article from “The Atlantic” explains how digital systems are designed not to respond to our needs, but to exploit our psychological vulnerabilities. Read more here.

PowerPoint dinosaurs beware: the meteor cometh

Tired of seeing your sales reps hitting the road with obsolete presentations? Touch & Sell is an all-in-one tablet-based sales enablement tool ideally suited for b2b markets. We’ve seen the presentations of the future, and they look pretty good to us. Read more here.

Need sound advice? A baby brother for bb&b

bb&b got a sibling! Mark Diran Boehm, founder of bb&b, has teamed-up with senior consultants to create b-plus, a consultancy firm addressing specific industrial needs. b-plus deals with issues at the forefront of marketing, sales, human resources and management – and of course digital transformation. Visit the b-plus website here.

1st april

Today’s fishtail

A salutary tale about change management. Real change never comes free of charge, and can end tragically (no goldfish were harmed in the making of this video).
See full video.

What’s ahead

Our forthcoming flying fish will be about "emotions and the industry."

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