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flying fish

Your information feed on industrial marketing and b2b communication

N°1 about TRUST

Dear valued reader,

Now that this fishy item is on your screen, please give it a chance to introduce itself.
It won’t take you any longer than a flying fish hovering the ocean.

Flying fish is the brand new information feed from bb&b. It deals with contents at the frontier of disciplines: industry marketing, sales management, b2b communication, semiotics, fishing and hair styling. Yes. Life is short, and we all have better things to do than being bored by the well-known, mainstream stuff of yesterday.

So expect some fresh ideas and controversial topics that aren’t found elsewhere. Take a ride and glide with us, above and below the waves of your business. We’ll make it a joyful experience.


Trust me, please !

From our own desk:
Trust me, please!

If you want to communicate, you have to inspire trust. But when everyone says they can be trusted, who do you believe? As the clamor of self-
proclaimed credibility increases, we are becoming more skeptical. They simply can’t all be right.
Learn how to inspire trust and gain credibility in b2b markets.

The future of branding is debranding

A farsighted paper on why consumers will be progressively distrust brands and branded content. With respect to b2b, the paper is 20 years ahead. But an interesting read for all those who want to have a glimpse into the future of marketing and branding. Enjoy reading!

Pigeons on duty

The French military boasts a powerful army with nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles and spy satellites. But when communication lines break down, whom do they trust? Yes, carrier pigeons. Read more about trustworthy low-tech communication here.

Today's fishtail

Today’s fishtail

Trust that flying fishes are surprising animals. But beware: not every flying fish is a flying fish, as this unfortunate weather reporter was forced to acknowledge. See full video.

What’s ahead

Our forthcoming flying fish will be about digital transformation and b2b marketing.

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