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Reflective Mama

{Hold ME}

My oldest is going into middle school. The youngest is going into first grade. I have arrived! But it's hit me hard... I wrote about my struggle here last week and it seems I am not alone... More importantly WE are not alone. I invite you to read the comments... you can read the post too, but the comments... They reveal the community and support we have in motherhood... Why we need each other and why it's important to share our journey...

I'm Giving Away A TEMPUR-Pedic!

Well, TEMPUR-Pedic is giving away the bed. But... oh just check out this post to find out what hoop to jump through. It's for a bed - a CADILLAC of beds. For complete details on how to enter, follow THIS LINK!

My sweet friend Kim Tracy Prince did a great post over on ShePosts about Poulsbopalooza and our super-duper successful diaper drive! I haven't even gotten my own wrap-up done... and now I really don't have to since she blew it out of the park. Please visit ShePosts to get all the wonderful details here about how we collected over 2300 diapers and rocked-out in the park all day long!


Are you on Pinterest? 

I love me some Pinterest...  Pinterest is where I go to unwind. To "dog ear" my virtual magazine. It's my hide-out. It's the palce that makes me feel I have good taste, and I don't have to dust anything. You can find me on Pinterest HERE. 

P.S. I just want to hang out. So I made this video. Though I love to write, sometimes only video can say the words I want to say. Or something like that...

Fun Stuff!!!

I came across a funny little something (on Pinterest, actually)... turns out the original source was the one and only Angry Julie.

I encourage you... grab a cup of coffee. Make sure you swallow and enjoy this post that drives home the reason why we want our childrne to be able to spell reaally guud.

Oh, the link... here. GO HERE, and laugh. I guarantee you'll laugh.

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New Balance

You read that right! On September 7th, over at Jenny On the Spot Reviews New Balance will be giving away a pair of their super lightweight and SUPER comfortable Minimus shoes! Be sure to check in on my reveiw site on September 7th to enter!

Right now... I am giving away $20 worth of coupons for DOVE Ice Cream. It's an easy entry... hop over and throw your name into the proverbial hat!

And if you are in the market for backpacks... I just reviewed a GREAT one! Lucy loved it!

Schoolbags for Kids! With each backpack sold, they send one filled with school supplies to children across the globe.
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