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VIVOBAREFOOT Shoes @ 40% Off! (plus SKORA Form and Base at HUGE discount!)

I'll keep this short and sweet ...

VIVO BAREFOOT is offering 40% off all* purchases made from their website using the code FIREWORKS - go to to start hooking it up (*excludes the Ra -- I'm guessing because the Ra is a huge seller for them, but anyway).  Note -- I found it extremely easy to miss where to enter the promotional code on checkout, so take note of the screenshots below for a little before and after.  The key is that you want to enter the promo code immediately after going to your shopping cart to check out.  You enter the code on the left:

Generally speaking VIVOBAREFOOTs are absurdly expensive, so 40% off is a big deal.  For example, rather than the crazy expensive $150 you'd pay for a pair of men's Oaks, you can get them for $90 (pre-shipping, which unfortunately isn't free).  

There may be a catch that I want to make you aware of.  There's some "fine print" on checkout that indicates that due to their website being new, some shoes may appear to be in stock, allowing you to purchase them, but they're actually out of stock.  They'll follow up with a phone call in the event that your order isn't in stock.  What will happen in that case?  I don't know -- as in, I'm not sure if they'll just cancel the order and refund your purchase or do something else.  My hope would be that they'd still honor the discounted price but tell you it may take a few weeks longer to get your shoes in stock.

As for fitting Vivos -- I highly recommend using their little shoe fitting wizard.  It's very cool and allows you to enter in other shoes you actually own and it will figure up your size in Vivos.  It's a nifty helpful tool.  Now go to to get your sale on! This will only last until 7/6/2012!

What about those Skoras?

Basically, flash site The Clymb has some select inventory of the SKORA Form and Base on sale up to 40% off.  Mind that the SKORAs are pretty expensive at full retail, so this discount goes a long way to making them competitively priced against other minimalist running shoes.  You'll recall that Tim recently reviewed both of these here on birthdayshoes.

In order to buy these off THE CLYMB you need to be a member!  

Don't worry, membership as easy as providing an email address.  Just go here to get started.  

That's all I got this time around.  Hope you're had a nice Independence Day (if you're in the U.S.).  Enjoy the rest of your week (and make sure you check out these ultra-minimalist prototype Vibrams coming in 2013)

Good luck!
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