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VIVOBAREFOOT Shoes @ 50% Off!

I'll keep this short and sweet ...

VIVO BAREFOOTs are on sale today at The Clymb!  The Clymb is a popular outdoor "flash sale" site.  If you're not already a member of the Clymb, you'll want to sign up here first.  Membership means you'll get emails about future sales but you can cancel this arrangement at any time (and it's free to join).

If you're already a member, just head over to the sale here.

The sale covers a huge swath of Vivo Barefoot shoes including Breatho Trails, Evo IIs, Offroad Mids (a nice winter boot option), and even a couple styles of men's Oaks in suede.  These *never* last very long (They're only $65 + shipping), so I recommend hurrying up if you're interested.  Again here is my invite to join (once a member, you can invite friends and get store credit!) and here is the sale.

Generally speaking VIVOBAREFOOTs are absurdly expensive, so 40% off is a big deal.  For example, rather than the crazy expensive $150 you'd pay for a pair of men's Oaks, you can get them for $90 (pre-shipping, which unfortunately isn't free).  

Good luck!

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