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Take 20% Off! 


EMS is running a 20% off sale that includes their VIVO BAREFOOT styles - you can see the sale here.

In a nutshell, you can snag some recent releases from Vivo Barefoot including:

  • the men's Aqua Lite for $92 (instead of $115) - women's Lucy Lite for $80 (vs. $100)

    I'm actually working on a review of the Aqua Lites (in this very colorway) and my preview would be that they are a huge improvement of the original Aqua from Vivo, more flexibly soled, easier to put on, more comfortable, and lighter weight.  Apparently Lee Saxby loves the Aqua Lites for running but I personally am digging them for casual wear.  They're a nice shoe.
  • men's and women's Breatho Trails for $72 (vs. $90)

    Tim is working on a review of these (including a comparison to the original Neo Trail, which they also have on sale) and his initial indications are pretty positive.  Basically the Breatho Trails are lighter weight and more airy than the Neo Trails.  Initial reports from readers (I've gotten a handful of pretty enthusiastic "you've got to try these" emails) have been exceedingly positive.  
  • Ultra Pures for $40! 

    Randomly I recently got a pair of these black/white Ultra Pures. If you dig the idea of an EVA foam minimalist shoe, the black colorway is definitely the way to go (looks the most normal).  As a summer barefoot shoe/almost sandal, the Ultra Pure is pretty awesome due to being airy and lightweight.  For $40 this is a really great deal.
Anyway, you can take your pick of these Vivos here.  I don't know how long this sale will last but EMS does offer free shipping on orders over $48 (so everything but the Ultra Pures auto-qualifies).  Apparently they're offering some $20 in gear bucks for orders over $100, too (I'm not sure what this means exactly).  

Finally, they have a few VFFs on sale, too, but nothing to get too excited about as it's just some KSOs, a women's Sprint, and a women's Bikila.

Anyway, good luck!

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