When was the last time that you thought of your work as sacred and meaningful?

How do you view work?
For a long time I thought that work was my job. I fell into the very well known habit of griping and complaining about my job pretty often. I began to dread waking up in the morning, knowing that I HAD to go to my job. While I was in my job I longed to be anywhere else but there...
I’m sure you’ve had this feeling at least once. 
It wasn’t until I shifted my perspective from job to work that I began to honor what I did every day, all day long, not *just* at my job. I recognized that when I worked, when I engaged fully in my life, with a great sense of connection to not just with myself but to something much greater, an abundant sense of ease ensued. 
The strong connection was highlighted when I truly understood Work as Service
Labor Day was established to honor just that- service
It began as a way to celebrate, honor and give a voice to the working class. The working class are producers and providers of services. The working class are those that engage in work that demands full engagement of their physical bodies, and a deep immersion into the concrete world around them. They are the embodied foundation of society.
When I view my work as carefully and consciously laying the foundation of  my family’s and my life, its accomplishment becomes a sacred endeavor. 
Come join me as we celebrate you, the worker, through a fun, inspiring and rejuvenative yoga practice on Labor Day.
Let’s get ready to welcome September and happily begin to transition into Fall :) 
Observe Your Foundation and Serve Joyfully
A Labor Day Practice
Where: The Yoga Cave- 758 Rebecca Ave, Ground Floor, Pittsburgh, 15221
When: September 6, 2010 6-7:30 pm
$10 on or before 9/6 (online purchase)
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$15 at the door (cash, check or CC accepted!)

I look forward to seeing you :)

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