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Welcome to the first edition of NexNews! This new quarterly e-Newsletter informs about the activities of UNU-FLORES and advancements in research on the Water-Soil-Waste Nexus. 

To realise the integrated 2030 Development Agenda involving various resources, there needs to be a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the interconnectedness of the Sustainable Development Goals. Applying a Nexus Approach to the management of environmental resources has never been more important.

From gathering examples of the safe use of wastewater in agriculture in Latin America to developing strategies for multifunctional land use in north-west China, UNU-FLORES works closely with UN Member States and international research institutes around the world to develop nexus solutions. We wish to share with you our latest activities and research findings, and keep you up-to-date on new publications and learning opportunities.

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Advancing Wastewater Use for Food and Energy Security

28 August–2 September 2016 | Venue: Stockholm City Conference Centre, Sweden

In line with this year’s theme of Water for Sustainable Growth, we are co-convening two seminars and launching a book on Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture: Good Practice Examples. We will be representing United Nations University in the exhibition area. Read More >>


Promoting a Nexus Approach for Achieving SDGs at UNESCO

Coverage of our event on the importance of a Nexus Approach for achieving the interrelated Global Goals, under the patronage of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Michael Worbs, Permanent Delegate of Germany to UNESCO, with UNESCO-IHP in Paris. Read More >>

New Water Decade Proposed at High-Level Summit in Tajikistan

Our Director comments on a proposal for a new International Decade for Action on "Water for Sustainable Development" unveiled by the Government of Tajikistan as part of the Call for Action adopted at the High-Level Symposium on SDG 6 and Targets (9–11 August 2016) in Dushanbe. Read More >>

Policy Concerns Dominate Discussion on Reusing Wastewater in Agriculture

Participants from 15 Member States came together at the "Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture" Workshop in Lima to share 18 case studies from South America, Asia, and Africa in which wastewater is being reused for agricultural purposes. Read More >>

Water-Wastewater Nexus in Urbanising Asia: Building Capacity for Monitoring Water Quality Risks

UNU-FLORES partnered with National University Of Civil Engineering (Vietnam), Ministry of Construction (Vietnam), and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (Japan) to address issues of urbanisation and water security in the Nexus Observatory Workshop in Hanoi. Read More >>

Making ‘Tremendous Contribution in Global Sphere’

Over the course of two days (30 June–1 July 2016), the UNU-FLORES International Advisory Committee members and UNU Rector Dr. David Malone met with academic and support staff for their Third Annual Session to discuss and provide guidance on the work and strategic plans of the Institute. Read More >>

TIGER Grant to Study Water Stressors in Savannas

UNU-FLORES was awarded, with the University of Western Cape in South Africa, a TIGER Grant to conduct a project on estimating the water use, water stress, and the influence of invasive species on water availability in savannas using Earth Observation data. Read More >>

Strengthening Ties with WMO to Mitigate Flood Risks

The Associated Programme on Flood Management hosted by the World Meteorological Organization provides guidance on ‪flood‬ management policy and strategy. UNU-FLORES is excited to support this programme towards better mitigation of flood risks. Read More >>

Boosting Synergies with Partners in Eastern Europe

UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden inked cooperation agreements with CzechGlobe and Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS), setting the premise for further future collaboration in research and knowledge transfer between the institutes. Read More >>


Research Is Key in Unlocking Practical Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Mitigating the impacts of ‪climate change‬ calls for the input of various actors including those in science and policy. Our visiting scholar Mr. Oluwabamise Afolabi explains how research feeds into practical problem-solving of environmental challenges.‬‬‬ Read More >>



Environmental Resource Management and the Nexus Approach: Managing Water, Soil, and Waste in the Context of Global Change (Springer)
Taking as its point of departure the thematic discussions of the Dresden Nexus Conference 2015, the book provides a brief account on nexus thinking and presents the environmental resource perspective of three main aspects of global change: climate change, urbanisation, and population growth. Buy Here >>

Resources, Services and Risks: How Can Data Observatories Bridge The Science-Policy Divide in Environmental Governance? (Springer) 
This book discusses the role of observatories in supporting evidence-based decision-making. Focusing on issues of data accessibility, monitoring frameworks, and governance processes with regard to environmental resources, it highlights policy challenges and examines current monitoring approaches. Buy Here >>

Nexus Planning Primer: Lessons from Case Studies
Based on the analysis of three case studies, this planning primer sets out to lay down certain generalizable nexus principles. It attempts to elaborate upon the links between decentralisation and results-based financing through the cases from Honduras, Tanzania, and the Philippines. Download Here >>


DNC2015 Policy Brief No. 1 on “Economic Growth and Resource Use: Exploring the Links”
This policy brief explores the relationship between GDP and GDP-per-capita with the resource metrics and projected resource use related to water, food, and energy until the year 2100. Download Here >>

DNC2015 Policy Brief No. 2 on “Natural Resource Use and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Nigerian Savanna”
This brief highlights the climate change challenge in Nigeria and its declining natural resources and explores the effectiveness of existing policies in addressing these challenges and the viewpoints of households who directly suffer from these pressures. Download Here >>

DNC2015 Policy Brief No. 3 on “Energy Resource Use Options for Improved Energy Security in Ethiopia”
Addressing Ethiopia’s critical challenges in the energy sector, this brief assesses the country’s renewable energy potential and the impact of expected future climate change on power generation. It subsequently puts forth adaptation measures and policy recommendations for green energy development. Download Here >>

DNC2015 Policy Brief No. 4 on “Energy in Iceland: Adaptation to Climate Change”
Iceland demonstrates that a 100% renewable electricity system is possible. Iceland indeed has done and is applying modifications for present and future hydropower assets to cope with and take advantage of climate change. This brief elaborates on the questions that need to be addressed when taking adaptation measures. Download Here >>


Workshop Proceedings on “Nexus Observatory Training Workshop on Drought Risk Monitoring: Capacity Development Priorities for Sub-Saharan Africa”
These proceedings document the Nexus Observatory Workshop convened jointly by UNU-FLORES, Water Development Management Institute (WDMI), and the Tanzanian Ministry of Water that took place from 17–18 December 2015 in Dar Es Salaam. Download Here >>


28 August–2 September 2016 | SEMINAR & BOOK LAUNCH
Book Launch Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture: Good Practice Examples, Seminar on “Using Wastewater Efficiently to Protect the Environment and Combat Poverty” & Seminar on “Wastewater Reuse for Enhanced Food and Non-Food Value Chains” at World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden

4–9 September 2016 | POSTER PRESENTATION
IWA Specialist Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control in Gdańsk, Poland

1–3 October 2016 | EXHIBITION
“Discover the SDGs” Exhibition at the national celebration for the Day of German Unity in Dresden, Germany

24 & 28 October 2016 | UN SPOTLIGHT TALK & PUBLIC FAIR
UN Day Dresden Events at Dresden City Hall and at World Trade Center Dresden, Germany

6–12 November 2016 | SESSION
Second World Irrigation Forum (WIF2) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

17–19 May 2017 | CONFERENCE
Dresden Nexus Conference 2017 at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany



Advancing a Nexus Approach to the sustainable
management of environmental resources

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