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This spring our colleagues were out in force to support the paradigm shift away from waste as a burden to waste as a resource. Read below about how UNU-FLORES researchers explored this topic with practitioners in a capacity development workshop in Mexico, in discussions on monitoring with participants at Arab Water Week, and in a series of articles for World Water Day.

Besides promoting waste as a resource around the world, UNU-FLORES colleagues have also been busy preparing the floor here in Dresden for the Dresden Nexus Conference  2017. In only a few short days, hundreds of participants will travel from all over the world to join us in Dresden to discuss the Nexus Approach and the SDGs. With a programme full of presentations and activities covering the most innovative and rigorous initiatives applying a Nexus Approach, we are sure to see many interesting outcomes.

We hope to see many of you there, but if you cannot join us be sure to follow the conference hashtag #DNC2017 on Facebook and Twitter for live updates directly from the conference venue. Do also sign up for the DNC Newsletter for updates from the event and news on DNC2019.

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Call for Water Professionals to Participate in Questionnaire

Applying water quality indicators and indices is one of the major challenges in addressing poor quality of waters. UNU-FLORES has designed a questionnaire to identify current application challenges in different contexts. Water quality experts from science and practice are called on to share their knowledge within this brief online survey (available in six languages). Read More >>



Dresden Nexus Conference at a Glance

17–19 May 2017 | Venue: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

Find out what's new this year and other updates on the Dresden Nexus Conference 2017. From case studies, excursions, World Café, to a gaming session, and more! Read More >>


Wastewater Index for Monitoring SDG 6.3 Endorsed at Arab Water Week

At the 2017 Arab Water Week in Amman, UNU-FLORES, together with UN-Habitat and the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, organised a pilot testing and validation workshop on the Wastewater Reuse Effectiveness Index (WREI). Read More >>

Sustainable Management Options for the Mezquital Valley in Mexico

In the capacity development workshop from 15–17 March in Mexico, UNU-FLORES joined forces with the Environmental Trust Fund of the State of Hidalgo (FIAVHI) to find sustainable and long-lasting solutions to manage wastewater and sludge in the region. Read More >>

Wastewater for a Better Future, Not Waste Water

The focus of World Water Day this year was on reducing and reusing wastewater. In conjunction with this day for global action on water issues, our researchers took the lead to explore this topic in a series of articles on The Conversation. Read More >>

Discussion on Cooperation with Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture

The Ministry works to support the transfer of environmental technology know-how to emerging countries, a clear intersection with our mission. Our director met with His Excellency Minister Thomas Schmidt to explore how the two organisations can benefit from these synergies. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About Sex: Gender and the Nexus Approach

Questions related to equity, human rights, in particular gender perspectives, and their interactions with environmental resources and the ecosystem as a whole have not received enough attention. In a thought piece, our researcher addresses the need to consider the gender perspective in nexus research. Read More >>

Remote Sensing for Water Management in Africa’s Savannas

In their lecture as part of the Nexus Seminar Series, Dr Ana Andreu Mendez (UNU-FLORES) and Dr Timothy Dube (University of Limpopo) introduced their project under the TIGER initiative on the use of Earth Observation tools for water management. Read More >>

Advancing the Nexus Approach in Solid Waste Management in India

At a two-day international conference on “Integrated Solid Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries”, Prof. Hettiarachchi talked about managing waste as a resource together with water and soil, as embodied in the Nexus Approach. Read More >>

Taking the SDGs to the School Classroom in Dresden

On the invitation of the Prof.-Dr.-Zeigner-Schule in Dresden, our academic visited the local secondary school to give a talk on waste management to 12th graders. Read More >>


Environmental Solutions Begin in the Lab: Prof. Ahmed on Achieving SDGs

A brief interview with our visiting scholar, Prof. Ahmed Abdel Kader of Port Said University in Egypt, on how environmental sciences research contributes to the achievement of the SDGs. Read More >>



Annual Report 2016: The Nexus Approach Budding
In 2016 UNU-FLORES has seen many accomplishments and great opportunities. We launched new initiatives and ventured into new partnerships. The Annual Report looks back at all that we have embarked on and achieved in the past year. Download Here >>


The Metal Bank: A Management Model for Rare Mineral Resources in a Circular Economy
It is increasingly difficult to manage mineral resources in a way that ensures sufficient supply for the economy and avoids price shocks. The metal bank concept, explained in this policy brief, is a closely controlled stockpiling method that fundamentally follows the principles of circular economy. Download Here >>


The World Needs More Toilets – But Not Ones That Flush, The Conversation
Rather than just handing out flush toilets, development agencies and governments need to start asking important questions. Read Here >> 

How Recycled Water Could Revolutionise Sustainable Development, The Conversation
More than 80% of all wastewater still currently flows into natural ecosytems, polluting the environment, and taking valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials with it. Read Here >> 

Your Future Food Will Be Grown With Wastewater, The Conversation
Wastewater will inevitably be used to help grow the food we need. But will we ever feel comfortable using wastewater for food production? Read Here >>


17–19 May 2017 | CONFERENCE
Dresden Nexus Conference 2017 – SDGs & Nexus Approach: Monitoring and Implementation at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

17 May 2017 | LAUNCH
The Nexus Observatory Meets the Nexus Resource Platform, Launch Event of UNU-FLORES and GIZ Collaboration at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

18 May 2017 | LAUNCH
Book Launch: Multifunctional Land-Use Systems for Managing the Nexus of Environmental Resources at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany

22 May 2017 | NEXUS SEMINAR
Nexus Seminar No. 20 – Tackling Key Challenges to Global Water Sustainability at the Center for Advanced Water Research at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

19 June 2017 | NEXUS SEMINAR
Nexus Seminar No. 21 – The Role of Complexity in Addressing the Water Quality Challenge at UNU-FLORES, Dresden, Germany

24 July 2017 | NEXUS SEMINAR
Nexus Seminar No. 22 – Multi-Scale Assessment and Land-Use Dependent Valuation of Hydrologic Ecosystem Services at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Advancing a Nexus Approach to the sustainable
management of environmental resources

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