Stallholder Food & Refreshments
Crisada's Riverview Café, Morpeth, are delivering delicious snacks, drinks & lunches to Art Bazaar stall holders at Morpeth on Sunday 13 September 2015. To help Crisada's Riverview Café with catering can we please have an indication of what you will order by Monday 7 September 2015:
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Actual orders will be collected at Morpeth Art Bazaar, please print out your order and bring it with exact money on Art Bazaar morning. A committee member in an orange vest will collect your $ & orders.
Crisada's Riverview Café will also be open for stall holders’ breakfasts, just call 4934 1356 to place your breakfast order, they will make it up for you so it’s ready to collect when you pop over to Crisada's Riverview Café to pay – 144 Swan St, Morpeth.

Counterweights for Market Tents only – NO PEGS
In case you missed this in the application we need to emphasize that Lend Lease have stipulated that NO PEGS are used in the ground to secure your market tent. There are services running underground which need to be avoided. Tent weights could include fillable weighted feet (please note as there is no water on site these will need to be filled before arriving), gravity weight tubes, weight plates, sandbags, as well as innovative homemade systems! Thank you for your co-operation with this.
Changes to Stallholder Parking & Bump-in
As we are aware of the limited street parking available in Morpeth we have reviewed  the bump in & parking for stallholders. Stallholders will now be parking on the Front Paddock parking area & bumping in from there. The parking area will be marked out & there will still be ample valuable space for our customers to park there as well. The entrance is Illalaung Drive, via Morpeth Rd & signage will be placed indicating parking for Art Bazaar as Illalaung Drive is normally no admittance. Please click here for site map.


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