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Baby E-lert #4| October 7, 2013

This Baby E-Lert features a series of articles on toxic stress, a resource about social and emotional skills in young children, and an article on young children’s exposure to television. Share them with teachers, home visitors, family child care providers, parents, and families.

Innovating in Early Head Start: Can Reducing Toxic Stress Improve Outcomes for Young Children?

Early Head Start says “yes!” Read this article and find out how families in the most difficult circumstances can be supported to give children the best chance to succeed. This article, from the Center on the Developing Child, is one in the series “Tackling Toxic Stress.” Also see Toxic Stress: The Facts.

The “how-to” of developing social and emotional skills in young children

The Backpack Connection Series by the Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention is a resource for teachers and parents/caregivers of young children that introduces strategies to reduce challenging behavior. Each handout presents specific ideas on how to use the strategy in the classroom or at home. While the resource does not identify the age group, the information may apply to toddlers or even babies.

Toddlers' extra hour of TV: Are there any risks?

Read this article by Science Daily published in August 2013 and find out if one extra hour of TV exposure at an early age affects future academic success, lifestyle choices, and general wellbeing. A past article on the long-term impact of early TV exposure by the same experts could also be enlightening.
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