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Baby E-lert #14 | March 3, 2014

caregiver watching toddler pour milk

This Baby E-lert features information about federal partnerships, breastfeeding resources, and math in the home. Share the information and resources with program administrators, co-workers, families, and other early care professionals!

Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Initiative

The Administration for Children and Families has announced that it will support states and communities in expanding high-quality early learning and development opportunities for infants and toddlers from low-income families through the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships. Learn how to apply for a grant and explore resources to develop successful partnerships.

Federal Resources on Breastfeeding  

Looking for resources to share with expectant families and families with breastfeeding children? The Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center has published a list of resources containing current information on a variety of topics related to breastfeeding. Some resources are available in several languages.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: Importance of Language to Learning Math  

Hearing and learning number words in natural conversation, not just in counting routines, is a critical part of learning the meaning of numbers. This article from the University of California, San Diego, also addresses how the language a child speaks affects the rate at which he or she learns number words.
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