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Good afternoon, IDW! 

For this week's Press Roundup, I've chosen to highlight some interviews with IDW creators that you may want to look at over the weekend.

Let's begin!

Here is a short, humorous interview with cartoonist Rick Sparks (Love and Other Weird Things).
Click on the picture to view the entire piece.

Q: If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?

A: David Bowie. I think we’d hit it off. And I think he could help me dress better.


Here's a look at the Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual, with commentary by writer Cavan Scott. Please click on the picture for the full article.


WAMU88.5 (American University Radio) featured an audio interview with George Takei regarding They Called Us Enemy.

Listen to it here:


On a lighter note, check out this cute interview all about Care Bears: Unlock the Magic with artist Agnes Garbowska. 

"For me as an artist the new style is definitely a lot of fun to draw because of how organic and expressive it is. There is a lot that I can do with the new stylistic style and I can use a lot of body language and facial expressions to express the different emotions the bears go through." --Agnes Garbowska 


Finally-- something I keep leaving "until next Press Roundup" and then it never makes it into the long emails.

Are you excited about Cobra Kai !!!!???

The Karate Kid Saga Continues thanks to the written work of 
Denton J. Tipton and it is illustrated by Kagan McLeod. How can we NOT be dying to read this? 

Quick note: I recently had the pleasure of browsing through Kagan McLeod's previous work, Infinite Kung Fu, and it is absolutely stunning!!

If the artwork in Cobra Kai is coming from the hands that created these visuals, it is bound to be a knockout. Enjoy these few pages from Infinite Kung Fu


Time for reviews.

Star Trek: Year Five #3

  • "I’m intensely curious about the Tholian child the Enterprise rescued from the colony, Spock’s involvement in Iotian culture and if there’s any progress on the Uhura/Scott front!" - TrekCore

They Called Us Enemy

  • "They Called Us Enemy is compelling because it takes a moment in history and shows how it affected real people.  The Japanese internees are no longer just a list of names or a line of faces in a black and white photograph.  Takei shows his father and their fellow internees building a boardwalk to make walking to the mess hall and latrines easier in their swampy Arkansas camp, his mother smuggling in a sewing machine so she can make new clothes for her family, and his own disappointment when he realized the Santa Claus at a Christmas party wasn’t the real deal.  Each of his memories brings richness and moments of grace into this sad and ugly story."  - icv2

Sons of Chaos

  • "Jaymes should be commended on how well he did in writing Sons of Chaos. Equally commended is Ale Aragon, the artist. With his sketchy style, the book felt constantly in motion. The battle scenes, however, where were Aragon shined with an unflinching eye to the harsh realities, such as people committing suicide to escape a massacre. Then there are the monstrous faces that he gives the soldiers in battle, killing each other on the battlefield. It’s very jarring and real in the brutality, but there are some softer moments as well." --4YE


For the full scoop, please open the attached Press Roundup spreadsheet and navigate using the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

Cheers, everyone!
See you next week. 


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