Susan J. Tweit, Matthew Wills, and Jeanne Gang
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Center for Humans and Nature. Asking questions, inspiring change. Think here.
Center for Humans and Nature. Asking questions, inspiring change. Think here.
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Hands on Water

"Spilling the dishwater onto the compost pile, I am returning some of what I use every day to the soil, where it can percolate downward, cleansed by the lives who populate the soil, and recharge the very aquifer it comes from.​"
(1,145 words) 

by Susan J. Tweit
 Writer and Plant Ecologist

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For the Love of Moth Snowstorms

"The moths were once so thick in the night they looked like snowstorms in the headlights of cars. The faster the car went, the thicker the storm seemed....Today, the natural bounty of the past sounds like something only found in the pages of a magical
realist novel.​"

(1,684 words)

by Matthew Wills
 Brooklyn Resident and Amateur Naturalist

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From Exhibit to Classroom:
Transitioning Aquariums and Zoos
for the Twenty-First Century

"Data continue to show that today’s youth have different attitudes and behaviors than previous generations, including a low tolerance for seeing certain animals in captivity....Now is the time to rethink the widespread entertainment model and reinvent zoos and aquariums as conservation education centers​."
(4,031 words)

by Jeanne Gang
Architect and Founding Principal, Studio Gang


Photo credits (from top): Micah Sittig; Juan Manuel Sanchez; unknown

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