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We've got a fair amount of news in this Newsletter :)
  • Neck Diagrams v1.10 Now Out
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • ND2 beta
  • Automated license code lookups
  • Custom tunings tutorial video
  • Tablet version

Automated License Code Lookups

We all lose things from time to time, right? Well, if you need to recover your license code, you no longer need to email the Support team!

We've setup a self-service web page where you can type in the email address you used to buy your copy and get your license code(s) emailed to you immediately. If you've changed your email address then you'll need let us know.

You'll find the License Lookup page here, and also linked from the Help page on our website:

New Tutorial on our You Tube Channel

Check out our latest tutorial video about the Instrument Library and how to create your own custom tunings and instruments!

Do you want a Tablet Neck Diagrams app?

We're designing and planning an iPad/Android Neck Diagrams assistant app, but before we build it we'd REALLY like to know if you will come 8)

Help us out with our short 5-question survey and you can win an ND T-shirt in our prize draw (just pop your email address in the 6th question!)

Neck Diagrams v1.10 Now Out

Available to download immediately

We've prepared another FREE release for you all!  To find out what's changed take a look at the Version History page or scan through the list in the update notifier popup window (as in the pic below)

v1.10 is a FREE update available to everyone

If you're running a recent version you should find that the Auto-Update mechanism discovers a new update is available - you can also give it a poke by selecting menu:

  • Help > Check for Updates...

You should then see a yellow notification in the corner which when clicked will show a popup notification just like in the pic below, showing a list of the changes too.

This is the Auto-Update notifier - you can scroll through the list of changes (also on the Version History page). Click Finish to start downloading and restart ND when done.

OR just download it from the website, uninstall your old copy and install the new one. Don’t worry - your diagram pages are kept separate from the software install location so your work will be just as you left it and ND will remember your license code.
Download v1.10 Now!

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Just a quick word about running ND on the recent OSX Yosemite update which seems to be confusing a few users...

If you don't already have the Apple  Yosemite Java Update installed, then the first time you run ND on Yosemite you'll see the following popup:

So to actually download the Apple Java Update you need to click "More Info" and not just to read more info ;) That button goes to this page:

If you're using Safari there are reports on the Interwebs about the page just showing up blank.. Seems it's something to do with Apple Cookies (yum!) so if that happens to you then just visit the Apple Support homepage and then go back to the above link:
Once that update is installed ND will startup just fine. Apple did something similar for Lion iirc, but the text on the popup made more sense!

​ND2 beta

Now that v1.10 is out of the way, we're aiming to get our crack team of beta users putting the first iteration of the new ND through it's paces very soon.

We had hoped to have ND2 fully ready and released by the end of the year but unfortunately that just isn't going to happen.. it's been a mammoth slog and there's lots to do yet. Looks like we'll need to push some less important items back to the subsequent 2.1 release so we don't keep you all waiting forever 8)

Keep your eyes peeled on our forum Facebook page as there’ll be teasers posted!

Please spread the news! Tell your friends - make sure no one's left behind running an old version (we're sure there's some folks STILL running 1.8!! eep! )
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And be sure to keep track of what we're up to... If you've any ideas/requests then drop us an email or post on the forum.


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That's all for now, hope you enjoy the new release.

Talk soon & Happy Holidays!
The Neck Diagrams Gang
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