Hey <<First Name>>, how are you hanging in?

In this weird season, we Bellrockers feel like staying home and washing our hands isn’t enough. You are a member of our community of clients, and we want to do more for your organization. Not for money. Just because we can. We have the time, some unique ability, and what gets us out of bed each morning is seeing your business thrive and knowing we had a small part to play in making that happen. We want you to enter the summer more resilient and capable than ever before and because I know you, I know you can make it happen.

Like me, you’re probably struggling a bit through the day to day with no roadmap. Yes, I’m used to working from home but, no, not with my husband working in the next room and my kids needing constant attention (my 12-year-old exploded his down duvet two days ago. Feathers EVERYWHERE. Yes, they are in the vents. No, I don't know how he managed it.). I'm not used to business development screeching to a halt and worrying about not just my family but all of the families I am responsible for that put their trust in my ability to provide a steady income. Sound familiar? It’s tough to be a leader, but who said it was easy? Leadership is a responsibility and super hard work. The good news? You’re not alone. Here are five ways we can help:

1. Communication Tools Consultation. We have been operating as a distributed team for years and can help you get started with the technology. We can also help your team overcome the fear of communicating differently. Change management is more difficult when everything is changing at once. We can help. We can describe some best practices around virtual meeting rhythms that will get you through this season from daily check-ins and check-outs to the all-staff address (quarterly isn’t enough right now) to creating a “rallying cry” to get your team through the next few months.
2. Team Building Session: We can remotely facilitate a 1-hour team building workshop. Executive team? Management team? Project team? Any team. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s “Ideal Team Player” concepts, the workshop will build trust and your team will be stronger as a result.
3. Redeployment Consultation: The subsidized wage program, which is really helpful, isn’t enough. As leaders, instead of paying people to do nothing, let’s find a way to keep them working purposefully. We’ll brainstorm the downtime duties list for your organization, as well as volunteer roles they could be deployed to outside of your organization. (Sending this offer to you was one of our ideas for our team).
4. Cashflow Forecasting Tools: We can provide you with the spreadsheet, the procedure, and walk you through the steps of tightly managing cash on a 4 – 8 week time horizon. It’s labour intensive, but for some it will be necessary to bridge the gap.
5. Listening: We’ve been practising and we’re getting good at it. These are stressful times. You are not alone and it can help just to talk to someone. No judgment – just care. Hey, maybe we spoke to someone yesterday and learned the solution to the problem you're facing today. It can't hurt and it might help.

At Bellrock, our purpose is to create lifelong relationships and raving fans. Lifelong relationships are built on a foundation of trust and service. Helping others when we can, starting with those closest to us. That means you. If there is other help we can offer, please let me know. Those are our five best ideas, but all of your businesses are gloriously unique. What did we miss?

Thank you for trusting us to help your business. Please reach out if you are interested in any of these options. No cost, no strings, just doing our part.

Tara & the Bellrock Team
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