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  • Matching Grant Doubles Your Donation
  • Receiving Care Beyond Expectations  
  • Australian Donation Helps Us Go Solar
  • Two Successful Medical Team Visits
  • Our New Website
  • Medical Spanish CME

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Maternal Infant Program 

The Hospitalito keeps a list of women who have no resources for prenatal care and are at high risk for complications during their pregnancy. Please consider sponsoring a pregnant mother for just $30 a month. 

For more information click here.


New Matching Grant
Doubles Your Donation


Great news! The Samir D. Gergis Charitable Trust is helping Hospitalito Atitlán meet its operating budget by agreeing to match all donations for medical services up to $35,000. 

We appreciate all of your support in the past and hope that you will help us continue to serve the Santiago Atitlán community by making this generous donation a reality. Please pitch in to help us raise the $35,000 so the Hospitalito can claim the matching grant. This $70,000 will make a huge difference in delivering healthcare to the 75,000 Maya in our area. 

Make your donation today! And when you do, please write “challenge grant” in the comments section of the donation form.
Now that we are settled in the new hospital building, we are facing the day-to-day challenges that arise from a project of this size, which includes community health programs we manage. 

We have been greatly encouraged by a Guatemalan neighbor who is donating Q10,000 (roughly $1,300) each month, allowing us to budget and plan for the future. We appreciate all you have done for the Hospitalito in the past and hope you will join this new donor by continuing your generous support. 

Take advantage of the Amigos Hospitalito Atitlán automated monthly giving program. It’s easy to sign up online. Monthly donations help us better anticipate our future budget and plan accordingly. We thank all our Amigos who have already chosen this option! 

The story below shows how your donation can make a difference in the lives of a family with a sick baby. 

Please help us help more children and their families by being part of the Hospitalito Atitlán monthly giving program. 


Number of Patients Served Since 2005: 19,936
Total Patient Financial Aid (2008 to 2011): $225,529

One Family's Story:
Receiving Care Beyond Expectations

Isobel Chojpen Ixbalan caring for her youngest son in the Hospitalito. 

Having a very sick child is the worry of every parent. Imagine if you had never seen a medical doctor or entered a hospital in your life, but your baby was getting sicker and sicker by the day. This was the situation for Isobel and Salvador Chojpen Ixbalan whose young family lives in Tzanchaj on the south side of Santiago Atitlán.
Their oldest son, three-year-old José Elias, was brought to the emergency room with serious bronchial spasms. His respiratory difficulty was diagnosed as pneumonia, and he was hospitalized. His worried parents stayed at his side for three days, while a grandmother cared for their younger son back at home.
Having never visited the Hospitalito before, the parents were worried about the potential cost of the care, but the social worker told them to focus on the recovery of their little boy. After his release, medical personnel were surprised to see the young couple return, this time with their younger son. The one-year-old boy was suffering from the same condition and was also hospitalized for three days.
After six days of hospitalization, the parents met with the Hospitalito’s social worker, who evaluated their case and steeply discounted their bill based on our sliding scale payment system. The Hospitalito asked only for a small symbolic donation. The children’s healthcare crises were averted. The family returned home and the recovered brothers were reunited thanks to the care they received at Hospitalito Atitlán. 

Isobel and her two boys, fully recovered, in the Hospitalito garden.

In 2011, the Hospitalito discounted $56,000 in care for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. 

Australian Donation Helps Us Go Solar

The first of 700 solar panels are being installed on the roof
of Hospitalito Atitlán.

Five years ago when we installed eight solar panels on the roof of the temporary hospital, the idea of a large solar array for the facility was just a dream. Now it is becoming a reality at Hospitalito Atitlán.
In 2007, the Hospitalito, in collaboration with experts from the solar energy field, hosted the area’s first conference on alternative energy. Ian Woofenden, editor of Home Power Magazine and a member of Solar Energy International, led the two-day conference with hospital electrical contractor Henry Mendoza. Its goal was to identify how best to implement solar systems in the Lake Atitlán area.
Henry and Ian reached out to other contacts via Solar Energy International. Walt Ratterman of SunEnergy agreed to evaluate the new hospital’s electrical plans. Impressed with Henry’s design, Walt approved it with only minor changes. Tragically, Walt died while installing panels on the roof of a rural hospital during the 2010 Haitian earthquake. But the dream lived after Walt’s death, in part, in his memory. 
Our international partners rallied and our solar energy system began to take form. OutBack Power, based in Washington State, donated eight invertors. The value of the Outback donation ($38,000) was matched, and we were able to  purchase 72 two-volt Trojan batteries. This back-up power system allows the hospital’s emergency and operating rooms to function without interruption for more than 24 hours. A 50 KVA diesel-powered generator (donated by Rotary International) kicks in when the batteries are depleted, however fuel prices make this an expensive option.
To complete our solar energy system, Hospitalito administration began looking for a donation of solar panels.
Last year, Ian contacted Phil Livingston of SunGrid in Australia to ask for a donation of panels for the Hospitalito, and his friend agreed. The process of transporting hundreds of solar panels across the world from Australia to Guatemala was long and complicated, but, in February 2012, the panels arrived at the Hospitalito.
Using photos and specs for the panels, Henry designed 10 metal racks that can hold 70 solar panels each. These racks will allow us to install 700 panels on the roof, which will produce 28,000 KVA of electricity, saving the Hospitalito at least $10,000 in electricity costs annually.
This has been a truly incredible effort on the part of all of our partners. We hope to show that reliable solar energy systems can be implemented even in the Guatemalan highlands. We hope our system can be a model for other individuals who are looking to save money while minimizing environmental impact. 

Two Very Successful
Medical Team Visits

A busy week for the surgical team in January.

2012 started at Hospitalito Atitlán with a visit from Surgeon Kevin Bjork and his medical team. Dr. Bjork has visited the Hospitalito many times over the years to perform surgery and also as part of Mano Amiga, a group that organizes construction mission trips. Kevin has been seen on the blog with shovel in hand during the pouring of the roof of the second floor. His church congregation, Trinity Lutheran in Stillwater, Minnesota, has been a long time supporter of the Hospitalito.
What made the surgical week such a success were the combined efforts of the Atitlán community and Dr. Bjork’s church. Prior to the arrival of Dr. Bjork’s team, Hospitalito administration contacted all of the churches in Santiago Atitlán requesting their assistance in locating people form the community in need of elective surgery but who weren’t able to pay for it. Trinity Lutheran then raised funds to cover the cost of the surgeries, and the patients made a small donation toward their care.
In just one week, Dr. Bjork’s team operated on more than 30 patients, many of who had been living with debilitating medical conditions for years.
“The week went terrific and we loved the new hospital. We are already talking about our next trip,” said Dr. Bjork after his busy week in Atitlán. We are looking forward to the return of “Dr. Kevin”, his anesthesiologists Jim Turner and Bill Falinski, and coordinator Dan Cummings.

Dental team converts the education room into a dental cinic.

In 1966, Glen Dean spent two years in Guatemala as a young missionary for the LDS church. Years later he would find his calling as a pediatric dentist and, in 2005, he returned to Guatemala as part of the first surgical team for Hospitalito Atitlán when it was located in Panabaj.
Since then he has continued his efforts in Santiago Atitlán, as well as in Quetzaltenango and Chiqimula. He established our first dental clinic in Panabaj. In 2009, he purchased portable dental chairs and brought a group to work. And today, he continues his commitment to the dental needs of the Atitlán community.
During the construction process, Dr. Dean was also a generous donor and frequent visitor, promising to return with a team of dentists in the future.
This past March, Dr. Dean returned with a group of seven dentists – four of whom were trained in pediatrics – and a group of translators. They set up five dental chairs in the education room, used a portable X-ray on the patio for evaluations, and also saw patients in the two-chair dental clinic on the first floor.
All told, the team saw 150 patients, including Hospitalito staff and their families, children from ADISA – a school for individuals with disabilities – and groups of children from schools in Chuk-muk and Panabaj, two particularly impoverished neighborhoods in Santiago Atitlán. It was a first for the Lake Atitlán area as small children received anesthesia for extractions.
“Guatemala just feels like home,” recounted Dr. Dean. “I love the people and want to help them as much as possible. I am a pediatric dentist so my first focus is on children.”
With Dr. Dean’s group, we were happy to welcome Dustin Kirkham of Scout Troop 525 of Colorado Springs. As part of his Eagle Scout project, Dustin spent months prior to his trip collecting donations from his church and neighbors for the children of Santiago Atitlán. Upon arriving, he presented the Hospitalito with 230 donated blankets, which the Hospitalito will distribute to new mothers and families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. Thanks Dustin!
The surgeries were a great success and we look forward to the return of Dr. Dean’s dedicated team. 

Check Out Our
New, Streamlined Website

This winter, Hospitalito Atitlán launched its new, improved website,
The project was completed with the help of Leslie J. Yerman (, a New York communications consultant, who specializes in nonprofits. She worked with Hospitalito staff to streamline the site and more clearly tell the Hospitalito’s story. We can’t thank her enough for her hard work and dedication to re-launching the website.
Our Unsung Hero 

Marc Quigley, our unsung hero

The other person who was integral to our website re-launch — as well as to our medical volunteer recruitment, donations of medicines, medical equipment and supplies, and disaster recovery — is our volunteer webmaster, Marc Quigley.
Marc Quigley & Hospitalito Atitlán
Nearly 10 years ago, Westwind Studios ( in Northwest Arkansas was asked if it would be willing to set up a website pro bono for a small community hospital in Guatemala that was just a dream.
Marc Quigley, its owner, agreed.
It would be impossible to put a value on Marc’s work. Just after the 2005 mudslide that killed 250 people, he updated the website hourly with images and personal accounts of the tragedy that were being sent to him via satellite from a board member and medical volunteers.
In the wake of this tragedy, we had tens of thousands of visitors to our website looking to learn about what had happened and to donate to the relief efforts. Because of Marc’s work, this information was shared with the press, international agencies, and donors, all of which ultimately played a part in the reconstruction process. Without Marc, this coordination wouldn’t have been possible.
Since then, Marc has been tireless in his pro bono work on the Hospitalito’s webpage. "It's been my pleasure to assist the fine people at Hospitalito Atitlán with their web presence over the years and their continued success," says Marc.
For the Hospitalito, it has been wonderful working with Marc. Over the years, his patience, creativity and intuitiveness has been invaluable. 

CME: Learn Medical Spanish 
at Hospitalito

Hospitalito Atitlán is now offering Continuing Medical Education credits for physicians and nurses who want to learn Medical Spanish. Each course is conducted over one week in beautiful Santiago Atitlán, and physicians and nurses can earn up to 25 CME credits. Courses are scheduled in 2012 and through 2013.

This program was made possible through a partnership between the Hospitalito and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians and nurses. 

To learn more and to sign up, visit us at: