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Hospitalito Atitlán
In This Issue: 
  • Diabetes Initiative
  • BiPap Breathing Machines
  • MedShare International
  • Online Medical Libraries
  • Breastfeeding for Comadronas
  • Maternal Infact Education Program
  • Volunteer Rounds

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Medical Volunteers

Dra. Ciara Mackenzie
Dra. Lynn Elizabeth Neuman
Dr. Robert William Kilgo
Dr. Jason Huang
Dr. Tim Manzo
Dr. John Rushton
Dra. Makini Chilsom-Stracker
Dr. Matt Streckert
Dr. Andrew Smith
Michale Mallory
Dr. Michael Cotter
Dr. Brian Morris
Dra. Carolina Bibbo
Dra. Joelle Morrom
Dra. Rivkie Peintein
Dr. Bill Chun
Maggie Jolley
Erin Basset-Novoa
Luz María Silverio
Dominique Bonnet
Megan Wright
Dra. Samantha Haspel
Dr. Brent Burket
Dra. Jennifer Thoene
Dr. Kenneth Bachenberg
Dra. Liz Angoff
Dr. Edwin Menor
Dr. Glen Dean
Dr. Grant Butler

Non-Medical Volunteers

Sarah Betancourt
Lissa McIntyre
Somos Hermanos
Patty Alewyne
Jenny & Dustin Reynolds
Leon, Kim, George, Emily,
Timothy, & Trey Verriere
 Kayla Weeks
Abby & Alex Reynolds
Mikel Whipple
Carter Clement
Casey Dougan
Lanier Clement
Kathryn Sullivan
Vitamin Angels
Debra Gish
Laila Verhoeff
Sarah Glatt
Cimmy Starr
Mary White
Cierra Starr
Lilly Gutierrez
Jessica Hohenberger
Eric Lopez-Baca
Shiloh White
Chris Glatt
Kelly Brinkman
Courtnie White
Mitchell De La Torre

Important Notice for Medical Volunteers 

There are new requirements for all medical personnel to legally volunteer at HA. Please visit this page on our website for more information.

Maternal Infant Program 

These lucky babies receive their healthcare at Hospitalito Atitlán. Please consider supporting a mother and her child for $30 a month.

For more information click here.
Two Hundred Healthcare Workers Will Be Attending Workshop as Part of HA's New Managing Diabetes Initiative



Two hundred healthcare workers — doctors, nurses and social workers — will attend a two-day workshop as part of Hospitalito Atitlán’s new initiative, Managing Diabetes.  This was the first of nine two-day workshops.  Those in attendance received 15 hours of medical credit from the Minesterio de Salud.  The World Diabetes Fund, headquartered in Denmark, is funding the program. Learn more about Managing Diabetes.


Staff Receives Instruction on BiPap
Breathing Machines Donated by ResMed


ResMed donated four BiPaP breathing machines to Hospitalito Atitlán, which will reduce the need for intubation and transfer of patients with COPD and other respiratory diseases.  The machines will be a great asset, especially since many patients or their families oppose patients being moved to Guatemala City.
James Gardner, MD, an ER physician at the University of Pennsylvania, arranged for the donation and taught staff how to use the machines.  ResMed is a leading developer and manufacturer of breathing machines.


MedShare International Medical Equipment
& Repair Training Will Help Save Lives


Eben Armstrong, a biomedical engineer at MedShare International, led a three-day training at Hospitalito Atitlán for employees of three Guatemalan hospitals from July 30th – August 1st.  The classes provided students with skills that will allow them to keep equipment in working order, thus saving lives. 
MedShare International donates surplus medical supplies to hospitals in more than 85 countries.


University of Pennsylvania Librarians and Faculty Lead Workshop on Benefits of Online Medical Libraries



Medical librarians and faculty from the Perelman Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania lead a workshop for Hospitalito staff on the benefits of online medical libraries.  The
Hospitalito’s new medical library — a gift from the Seltzer Family — has three computers, a working Internet connection and an environment that is easy to work in.
The Hospitalito has had a relationship with the Perelman School of Medicine since 2005 through the Guatemala Health Initiative (GHI), which was founded by students and faculty at the Schools of Medicine and Nursing.


Hospitalito Holds Class on Breastfeeding
for Local Comadronas (Midwives) 

Since opening its doors seven years ago, Hospitalito Atitlán has been a major source for training of traditional birth attendants — comadronas.  In July, the class topic was successful breastfeeding.  Since breast milk is a baby’s best food, it is essential that new mothers have sufficient milk.  The session provided comadronas with information to help them make sure that this occurs.

Monthly Maternal Infant Education Meeting: 
Babies’ First Foods



Every month, Hospitalito Atitilán hosts monthly meetings for participants in the Maternal Infant Program.  These fun, informative sessions are extremely popular.   At the latest meeting, Dra. Rosangela (a fourth year pediatric resident from the University Rafeal Landivar in Guatemala City) created an entertaining method to teach the new mothers about babies’ first foods and the age infants should start eating them.


Frequent Volunteer Leads Morning Rounds

Ted Ning, MD, a Colorado urologist and frequent volunteer, led morning rounds for eager staff in the Hospitalito Atitlán emergency room this summer.


Patients Served since 2005: 21,473
Total Patient Finacial Aid: $250,670


Spanish and Cultural Immersion CME


Hospitalito Atitlán is now offering Continuing Medical Education credits for physicians and nurses who want to learn Medical Spanish. Each course is conducted over one week in beautiful Santiago Atitlán, and physicians and nurses can earn up to 25 CME credits. Courses are scheduled in 2012 and through 2013.

This program was made possible through a partnership between the Hospitalito and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians and nurses. 


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