Ontario Liberal Party AGM

The Ontario Liberal Party is holding their Annual General Meeting from September 28-30. 
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I would like to begin by congratulating Young Liberals for all of their hard work in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan. Eric Davis had a well-fought campaign in Kitchener-Waterloo. I would also like to congratulate Steven Del Duca for being elected as the MPP for Vaughan. Your efforts as Young Liberals were appreciated and the OYL Executive thanks you for volunteering. 

There have been many Young Liberals who have also been volunteering over the summer for President Obama's re-election campaign in North Carolina. Dagny Pawlak, a Young Liberal from Glendon, volunteered in Raleigh with Canadians for Obama. She has taken the time to write about her experiences in North Carolina and I have included the account below.

Paulina O'Neill
Communications Director

Ontario Liberal Party Annual General Meeting

Please join the Ontario Liberal Party for our Annual General Meeting held this year in the nation's capital, Ottawa. We have included youth and senior rates, as well as a first time delegate rate. The early registration rate ends September 14, 2012. 
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Date: September 28- September 30
Location: Ottawa Convention Centre
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Ode to Raleigh by Dagny Pawlak  

In the heat of a fierce presidential election and efficient like no other, President Obama’s re-election campaign distinguishes itself among all others by its incredible ability to mobilize community action. It is impossible not to stumble upon an OFA (Organizing for America) campaigner reaching out to people as you walk the streets of Raleigh, NC  reminding them of the importance of their voice in this election. A diverse group of Canadians eager to learn and explore the revolutionary campaign strategy south of the border helped OFA staff this week by joining the “Canadians for Obama” program. Having had a taste of the work involved in the effort of saving America from potential Republican rule, I may say with confidence that these people have insane amounts of patience, bravery and perseverance. They realize that if America should succumb to Republican rule, it will find itself once again in the shadows of repressive constraints, and in turn, will cause the shining hope of a progressive future to set.

The Field Organizers at Organizing for America understand this best. It is they who fuel the engine of this phenomenal machine known as the Obama campaign.  Their passion breathes hope into their every day, and in turn, keeps them focused on crystallizing their efforts into results. Never have I been so deeply moved until my stay in North Carolina. I have had the good fortune of meeting the very people who have dedicated the past few months of their lives entirely to the president’s re-election campaign knowing that too much is at stake should the president not be re-elected. Not only are they united with members of their community in an effort to see President Obama in office for the next four years, but the campaign offices most of these people call home have become a meeting place for youth and adults alike, where they can openly discuss and share their visions of a better future, while making memories and building friendships along the way.

As our very own group of 45 students and young professionals from Canada converged in Raleigh to help volunteer efforts in North Carolina last week, we were able to witness the very essence of the OFA’s strength, especially in such trying circumstances as those brought upon us by September 5th. The swiftness of their response and the whole hearted embrace of such an unexpected situation is nothing short of amazing.  60 000 volunteer delegates to the Democratic National Convention from all over North Carolina were notified, a day before the event took place, that it was no longer safe for them to attend. Due to severe thunderstorm activity in the heart of Charlotte, where the convention was to take place in a roofless stadium, the events had to proceed at a neighboring venue, which unfortunately could not hold as many eager supporters as the first. Instead of disappointment and sadness, this news was met by the OFA staff with such overwhelming positivity, that we could all learn from. After a brief apologetic phone call from the president himself, everyone was on their feet and excited to throw the biggest, loudest, most creative watch party to recreate the convention spirit. Flyers and phone calls were made, halls were rented and decorated, refreshments were donated. All of this was achieved within one day. Members of the community filled the halls with their enthusiasm and were just as fired-up as if they were at the convention itself. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say that what we have learned through working side-by-side regional staff this summer, we will surely hold close to our hearts, and never forget. From what I have witnessed throughout our trip, I have faith in Americans not being entirely foolish enough to disregard the importance of their voice in this election, and am confident that our Canadian efforts have contributed to painting the state of North Carolina just a little more blue.  

But what drives this unique campaign is something beyond numbers and statistics. In the humid heat of North Carolina there lingers a force. A force so strong that it unites all men, women, and children regardless of ethnicity and from all walks of life. A force that validates, empowers and includes those who cross its way, breeding nothing but positive energy. A force that pulls these people into their local field offices early every morning with smiles on their faces that do not fade until the late hours of the night.  A force that drives an elderly woman to brave the heat on a summer’s day as she shares her vision of a better America with her community. A force that drives thousands of young Americans to leave their families and friends as they relocate to different battleground states, only to fight for the greater good of their society. It brings women together in solidarity to fight for the right of control over their own bodies. It has the LGBT community proudly unite to vie for equality. It is a force that has Americans realizing that sacrifices must be made to not find themselves gasping for air in a sea of debt that drowns their economy and keeps them from moving forward. It comes from knowing that too much is at risk. The force that drives them is HOPE.

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