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The Pressure is On!
Let us make your house shine while you relax.

For years, clients have been asking us if we do pressure cleaning. Finally, the answer is "YES". Not only can we pressure clean the paths, decks and driveways around your place, we can also soft-wash your house.

Having your house cleaned like this makes an amazing difference! Painted and rendered walls sparkle. Paths look great, and are much safer too.

We Take the Pressure Off You!

Keeping your house clean and tidy can be a relentless, thankless job. El Toro has become a one-stop-shop for window, gutter and now, pressure cleaning services.
That means that by making one simple booking, you can have a fresh, new-feeling for your home. 

So, while you are out with the kids, shopping or enjoying some well deserved relax time - you can have your house made over, all to our high professional standard.

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Combine any 2 services (Windows, Gutters or Pressure Cleaning) for a 10% discount off the total.
Book in now.

What We're Listening To

While on the go, we like to see if we can actually learn something new.
We liked this Richard Fidler interveiw of David Gillespie, describing sugar as a major culprit for weight gain as well as much more.


Client Profile

Anna M
Queenscliff, NSW

Using El Toro since: 2007
What do you like about the El Toro Service? "I like the fact that i can really trust them, so, I can leave them to work, and I come home and the windows are sparkling clean.
I love how they give me reminders when they are due to be cleaned.
I like to have a clean house, but it doesn't make sense if the windows are still dirty. I can enjoy the view again once they're cleaned."


Tip of the Day

Are your fly screens looking old and dirty? 
We always clean fly screens when we do the window cleaning. But, to give them a real shine, spray WD40 (or equivilent) over the screen.
It gives them a protective layer that helps kill the dirt that's on them, prevent new dirt from sticking, and makes them shine like new.

wd 40 used to clean fly screens

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