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After months of dry weather in Sydney, we finally get rain on the long weekend! While the dry weather makes it more convenient for the window cleaners, it’s also what led to the Dust Storm. This in turn greatly increased the need of window cleaning.

One job had to be re-done just six day after doing it, as it was for sale the day after the storm.

There is always a frenzy of cleaning activity associated with Spring, and the question comes to mind - Why?
Actually, Spring Cleaning has been going on for a long time. It is steeped in ancient religious custom.
The Jews combed the house to get rid of any crumb of leavened bread just before Passover (at the beginning of northern hemisphere's Spring).
The Persians too, fastidiously clean floors, drapery, furniture and ceilings at that time of year for their New Year celebrations.
Regardless of it's origins, most people think of the practical benefits nowadays.
People open their houses to friends and family more in the warmer months. With the afternoons staying light for longer, people are more inclined to have BBQs. With people coming over, thoughts always go the "Oh my goodness, how does the house look?" The windows make a big difference to the feel of cleanliness in a house, not to mention letting in more light.
Another reason Spring is the choice time to clean everything thoroughly is with more daylight, the mess is seen more!

Window Cleaning Tip
To get rid of finger prints on glass, use a micro fiber cloth. Make sure it’s clean, and just dampen it a little with water, then rub the marks. See more tips here.

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