El Toro Window & Gutter Cleaning Newsletter
El Toro Window & Gutter Cleaning Newsletter

4 Smashing Glass Tips

Glass windows are not the only thing on peoples minds. These tips reveal how to get the most out of other glassware.

Cleaning Glassware
Putting expensiv wine glasses etc in the dishwasher can cause small scratches.
Over time, these will build to leave a cloudly look on the glass. To bring back a glasses sparkle, rinse it in vinegar and warm water. This will remove any streaking and detergent residue.
To remove tiny scratches from the glass, make a paste of equal parts glycerine and whiting (used in leadlighting) and polish out the scratches.

Narrow Glasses
Did you know that drinking from a narrower glass makes the drink taste sweeter?
The narrow opening makes you roll your tongue tighter, intensifying the sweet sensation. That's why drinking from a straw makes the drink seem sweeter - though we don't recommed doing that with champaigne!

Glass Splashbacks
Splashbacks can often accrue a lot of detergent spots.
Use white vinegar on a sponge to wipe off marks left on splashbacks. The acid from the vinegar reacts with the alkaline of detergent, helping to break it down.

Glass Shower Screens
White vinegar helps to clean mild shower marks.
For more built up marks, make bi-carb soda into a paste with water, then rub it into the shower screen with a sponge or cloth. Then spray or rub in white vinegar. After it finishes bubbling up, rinse or wipe it off with a clean cloth. To get a perfect finish, use detergent and a squeedgee (see Window Cleaning Tips)
To treat and prevent mould, spray watered-down oil of cloves (found in health food stores).

El Toro Window Cleaning also cleans:
Glass splashbacks, glass table tops, shower screens, mirrors, ceiling fans and more. Just mention it when you are booking in.

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While on the go, we like to see if we can actually learn something new.
Football Weekly is a great, humerous coverage of Europes football, with good insights from Syd Lowe about the Spanish League.

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