5 things you may not have thought of to help keep the family breathing clean air at home. Also, see how the El Toro brand is growing.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Home's Air Clean

While we can't eradicate all sources of pollution, there are some practical measures everyone can take to ensure the air we breathe at home is as clean as possible.

  1. Ventilate! Air flow, even in winter is neccessary to remove dust, odours, pollen and allergens. Dustmites thrive in still, humid and damp air. Remember to ventilate well if you are using a gas heater.
  2. Get some indoor plants. They look good and help to keep the air clean. Volatile Organic Compounds such as formaldehyde, from wall paneling and furniture, and Xylene and Tolyene, from paints and carpets are removed from the air by microorganisms living in the soil near the roots of plants. Be careful not to overwater plants, as overly damp soil could promote the growth of bad microorganisms.
  3. Stop it at the source. Where possible, avoid storing harsh chemicals inside the home. Chemicals evaporate and enter the air much quicker in warmer temperatures. So, don't store them in the sun or a warm place inside the house (eg. next to an oven).
  4. Fly screen cleaning. Fly screens don't just keep out the bugs, they also help dust and other particles stay outside. They effectively act as an air filter, which needs regular cleaning.
  5. Prevent mould. Leaks through the roof, gutters, walls or internal plumbing can cause mould. Once materials that remain wet for 48-72 hours, mould spores can easliy grow and present serious health hazards. Have your roof and gutters checked for possible leaks.
To have your gutters and roof cleaned, or windows and fly screens cleaned, call 1300 567 862, email: jono@windowwasher.com.au or book through our website.

Breathing poor quality air has been linked to serious health problems including asthma, eczema allergies and lung and heart disease. For more information, go to: Indoor Plants or Indoor Air.

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El Toro's Growing Business

You may have noticed a few small changes in the last year at El Toro.

The website was updated, the uniforms improved, and there's another van on the road.

Keeping the clients happy by providing a high quality service has always been our priority. This has helped the business grow to the point that now, we have started offering franchises.

This means that individual franchisees can care better for clients in their defined areas. Franchisees are better motivated than contractors to provide top quality results, and clients can re-book with the same individual they meet at first.

It also allows the enquiries we receive from outside of Sydney to be capitalised on.

A stringent qualification process is in place to ensure our valued clients will consistantly receive a window and gutter cleaning service above and beyond expectations.
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