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Your windows can affect your energy bills and comfort

Windows can be the greatest feature of your home. Depending on where they are positioned, how large they are and how they are shaded, they can play an important role in passive solar strategies, ventilation and maximising natural light. 

When correctly selected and installed they can minimize the home’s heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

However single glazed windows with gaps in the frames can account for 10 – 25% of your winter heating bill through heat loss.

Is double glazing for me?

Double glazing refers to a window in one frame with two panes of glass with a space between them.

While in Europe the trend is going to super-efficient triple-glazed windows, Australia has not had the same push towards window insulation. Krypton or Argon gas is used in some windows to further improve insulation. Coating a pane with a Low-E film further reduces heat loss.

The frames can also have a dramatic affect on a windows performance. Wooden frames are much more effective than metal at keeping the cold out.

In much of Australia, the climate doesn't justify the extra expense of such high-tech windows. However, the long-term benefits of cheaper power bills, better noise reduction and a more even temperature across the house are worth considering.

Should I retrofit?

There are several options to improve the performance of your existing windows. One inexpensive solution is applying a film to the glass which is made taut by shrinking with a hairdryer. Another option is fixing acrylic panes with magnets around the window frame on the inside of the house.

The most effective and visually pleasing, is to replace the entire window unit. It's also the most costly - upgrading a single storey house could cost over $20 000.

Double glazed window cross-section
Triple glazed window cross-section

What windows do I have?

As a window cleaner, naturally I often talk to home owners about their windows. Often, householders are not sure of what type of windows they have, so, here is a quick guide:
  • If the windows are more than 20 years old, chances are they are single glazed.
  • On single glazed windows, if there is a coating (Low-E or tinting film), you will be able to feel a grippiness on your hand on one side. Also, you can often see a slight colouring or metallic shine.
  • A double or tripple glazed window with a gap in between can be seen by looking closely at the inside frame through the window. There is usually a slight blur/double-vision when looking through it.

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