Preparing your house correctly can really make a difference.


Book Now for December

Thinking of putting off the window/gutter cleaning till the end of the year?
It might seem early now, but we normally have to turn away dozens of jobs at that time of year due to being booked out.
So make sure you don't miss out.
Book in early!



Do you move the furniture around for the window cleaner?

Some householders go to the effort of moving things out of the way for the window cleaner to have clear access to the windows.

Though we normally don't require this, it certainly is appreciated.

We do our best to take care with ornaments and furniture.

Please let us know if you have something that needs special care.


What Were Listening To 

While on the go, we like to see if we can learn something new.

ABC Local - James Valentine interviews food expert Gary Kennedy

If a chef sleeps in the factory, can it be called 'Homemade'?


Putting your place on the market? Want to freshen up your house?

Weather you are thinking of selling or renting your house or just want to clear the cobwebs and freshen up you home, these simple tips will help you feel great about your house - as well as make it a safer and healthier place to be.

  • Clear the cobwebs: Literally! Spider webs give the impression that the house is uncared for. Some viewers may have a fear of spiders, so could be put off by spider webs. The walls, especially at the front of the house might look much fresher with a pressure clean or house wash.

  • Lighten up the house: Increase the sense of space by carefully positioning mirrors. Make sure the windows are clean. All of them, even the high ones. If there is one window or skylight left dirty, this is what will be noticed.

  • De-clutter: Less clutter makes rooms seem bigger. It also helps people imagine their own things in the property.
  • Weed: Weed, trim, prune the garden to make it look neat and tidy. This includes clearing away leaves on the roof and gutters.

  • Fix it: Fix any broken tiles, dripping taps, door or window latches, lights etc.


Think Outside the Box

Do you have some glassy things you just can't seem to get clean?
We can help! For just a little extra, we can bring a shin to your:
  • Glass table tops
  • Skylights, even very high ones!
  • Combustion fire glass doors
  • Shower screens
  • Mirrors on wardrobes, walls and in bathrooms
  • Light fittings


Did you know it can cost as little as $20 extra to remove all the cobwebbs around the house?

That includes around the gutters, downpipes and eaves, walls, window frames, and other areas.

Don't forget to check under the pergola, which can be prime real estate for spiders.

We have very long poles that can clean spider webs over 3 stories high.
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