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Common Core Education Standards 
Public forum, Thursday, June 27th in Tavares, FL

This event is FREE – Open to the Public and the topic is: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Florida’s Common Core Education Standards for Public Schools (K-12).

Who should attend: Parents, Grandparents, policy makers and anyone from any political viewpoint concerned with Florida K-12 Education quality or costs?

Hosted by: Public Policy Committee of the Lake County Republican Party (Republican Executive Committee)

Date: Thursday, June 27
Time: 7 pm - we suggest you arrive early and bring a chair in case there are not enough
Location: Tavares Civic Center, 100 E. Caroline St., Tavares, FL
Note: Another forum will be scheduled later in July for the Clermont, FL area.

Forum Format:
The moderator is Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione.

Pros and cons will be presented, and then a panel will discuss the issues followed by questions and answers. Then there will be a straw vote. Recommended actions will be summarized for resolutions for State officials and others.

Panel members will include former Lake County School Board Member Jim Miller (pro); Khori Whittaker, Director of External Affairs for Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future (pro); Randy Osborne (Marion County REC Chair and lobbyist for opposing Common Core - con); and Vance Jochim, writer of a local Lake County blog, (con).

We asked, but have not heard from representatives to attend from the FL Dept of Education (pro), the Lake County School Administration (they have to implement it); and FreedomWorks (con). We will post updates on the above Factsheet page if they agree.

What is Common Core: In 2010, the Obama Administration offered $4+billion Federal “Free Money” grants to all states, called the “Race to the Top”. A requirement to APPLY for the grants was to agree to adopt federally funded “Common Core” national education standards for public schools written in secret without public hearings or evidence of successful pilot programs. Two private groups developed the standards and were funded by the Federal government and grants from sources like the Bill Gates Foundation. Over 40 states agreed to adopt the unseen, un-vetted standards to get Federal stimulus funds for public education. The adoption of Common Core was a Florida STATE decision and local School District Boards and staff were not consulted, but they have to implement the very expensive standards.

Why the Concerns about Common Core: Significant opposition to Common Core is now being highlighted by teachers, moms, educators, taxpayers and concerned parents and grandparents. Other received grants to support Common Core. The Republican National Committee issued a resolution against the standards. Many other conservative and parent groups are opposing it and distributing information. Attend the forum to find out why and whether you agree.

Be there: Thursday, June 27th, before 7pm at Tavares Civic, 100 E. Caroline St., Tavares, FL

If you Cannot Attend: A video will be posted on the YouTube Channel “FiscalRangersFlorida”, which already has videos of a local Common Core speaker, Diane Kepus; a talk by FL Education Commissioner Dr. Tony Bennett; and a presentation by Lake County, FL School District staff to the Board on implementing Common Core. Or watch for details on the Clermont forum.

Contact for info: Vance Jochim,; 352-638-3578. Updates on the meeting and pros (section F) and cons (section C) of Common Core will be at .

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