Hola chums,

I hope this finds you well despite all the crappy weather we are having. Lots of things to tell you this month, so I shan't dilly dally...

Mug life

I caught a first glimpse of the new mugs I designed as a part of a small range for the lovely people at Pedlars. They were made strictly for people who know how to enjoy a morning - in their own time, with a cup of coffee and a half decent book. They are available for £10.95 plus P&P from the Pedlars site, plates, tea towels and print to follow on soon.

Casa Del Double Merrick

Katy from the fine blog Apartment Apothecary asked to do a feature on all things DM, and asked if we had any pictures of our house. 'Of course' we replied. So if you fancy a a nosey around Chateau M, now is your chance... (Warning: Post does not include MTV Cribs style shots of refrigerator's contents or Shaq style Superman beds).

In praise of..... Howlin' Wolf

As part of the continuing 'In praise of...' series, I thought it was high time we mentioned Chester Arthur Burnett, aka 'Howlin' Wolf'. I wanted to write a big long article explaining the appeal of this extraordinary human. How he was thrown out of home by his mother (aged 9!) into the snow, how his feet were so big he had to cut open ordinary sized shoes and lace them over his feet. Or how he tried to kill Muddy Waters only to pay for Muddy's wife's funeral years later when Muddy was broke and couldn't do it himself. Ultimately, it's all there in the great man's voice:


Lots of love,


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