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Lynn Hellerstein
January 2011 Newsletter

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The Gift of Love

Many people pass in and out of our life journeys.  All of our experiences are important…some good, some not so good.  However, occasionally someone comes into our life that really impacts who we are and how we live.  This story is about a beautiful woman who I acknowledge for helping me reconnect spiritually.  She has changed my life forever.
January 1, 2005 - my mother, whose nickname was “Motts”, entered the hospital with what was eventually diagnosed as ovarian cancer.  During Motts’ 41 days in the hospital, until her passing on Feb. 11, 2005, we shared tears, laughter and touching moments with the assistance of the “Sisters.”  The “Sisters” as we affectionately called them, were retired nuns who lived in the Convent in the hospital where my mother was admitted.  Who are the “Sisters”?  They just happened to be the aunts of my business partner.  Two of them, Sister Marie deLourdes and Sister Owen Marie, were Catholic Nuns.  The 3rd sister, Pat, was not a Nun, but she volunteered at the hospital.  The 3 of them were blood sisters and we just called the 3 of them “The Sisters.”
I had met “The Sisters” previously before through my partner.  They were warm, hysterical and lovely people.  The “Sisters” visited Motts and our family daily, even though they both had difficulty walking the long hallways in the hospital.  Their visit was usually after their “volunteer time” in the oncology radiation ward of the hospital.  Sister Marie deLourdes, known as “The Boss” around the hospital, seemed to lead the crew.  She was proud to wear her crown (a Burger King paper crown that we gave her) and acknowledge her position of power!

Our conversations with the “Sisters” were not about the Church or religion.  Their mere presence helped to break the stress and fear of disease, loss and pain. They prayed with us, always respecting our differences in religion. They would always help us see and appreciate the loving and funny moments in our lives.  The “Sisters” were about love and kindness…truly connecting to our hearts.
Affectionately, The Sisters would sing their favorite song to us:

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Create Your Dreams for 2011
Join me for a short meditation

It's a new year! What a great time to create for this coming year.  Gently close your eyes and breathe in and out...
Allow any tightness, tension or thoughts to be released with your exhale.

Release anything within you that no longer serves your highest purpose.
Slowly relax and "clean" out any residual negative thoughts, energy or frustrations from previous years.

Now, imagine your dreams, gifts and goals as you prepare for the best year of your life.
Continue to breathe in the possibilities before you. 
It's your time to shine, to say "yes" to the greatness of who you are.
Take all the time you want to absorb the energy and imagery of what you create.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes.
Declare who you are for this year
(ex: "I am perfect just the way I am"... or  "I am ready to create excellence in all I do")

Take a few moments to write or journal about your dreams and declaration

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.
I have big dreams for 2011!  
Looking forward to sharing them with you over the year.

Much love and joy as you begin 2011.
Happy New Year & Happy New You!

Feel free to send questions, comments or insights on your journey of transformation.

With love and gratitude,

Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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